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Great comp. but to many add ins - 79%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 12th, 2003

If your looking for a great compilation of Motely Crue, here it is. Acutally they could have made this one disc, but it is actually two. The title of this album suggests what the listener gets. Either be entertained or die! Personally I did a little bit of both. The reason why this could be one disc, is because Motely Crue just doesn't have that many hits. A lot of these songs are just fill in songs that only die hard Crue fans would know. They have their great hits, you know Girls, Girls, Girls, Dr. Feelgood, Wildside, Shout at the Devil, SOS, etc. But then they have songs like Merry-Go-Round, and Live Wire, songs that make me want to gouge my eyes out because the vocals are awsome.
Musically this album is great. You can here every instrument to perfection; guitars, bass, drums, vocals, even the crowd gets in there a lot, which is always a plus. The instruments don't over power each other, another plus. The only thing that really suck are the backup vocals, there not strong enough. It is just a great Motely Crue album for fans or too find that perfect compilation. A lot of add ins that make it not worth the price, but with this kind of production it is hard to skip out on it. So get this album for the pure classics that are played to perfection on this live album, that and the girl getting her tit licked in the inside cover of the cd case!