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Motley Crues last metal masterpiece - 90%

absurder21, November 2nd, 2008

Motley crue is generally one of the more commonly known 80s metal bands, and this album is what cemented their popularity in the 80s. The problem it’s their last release to have that 80s metal feel their previous three did. After this they released Dr.Feelgood, which, as good as it was, wasn’t metal but just glam rock and balladry, almost reminiscent of poison. None the less, this is still a very solid album that will show you what the drugged up Motley Crue was good at. Rehab sucks.

The guitar work on this album is the same as it always is for Motley Crue, good but not excellent. Mick Mars still doesn’t really show any magnificent soling originality in this and he relies a bit on the trend of the year to get the job done. His riffs on the other hand, are solid and extremely satisfactory, especially his riff for “wild side”.

Tommy has never been an excellent drummer, we all know that, but his drumming fits the songs well and it doesn’t really ruin the songs at all, keeping an interesting rhythm for most of the songs and even being able to survive through Wild Side, their fastest song on the album (for the most part).

Nikki Sixx’s bass is irrelevant blah, blah.
Vince Neil keeps his trademark snare of a voice, this is the last time we hear his hard vocals before going to the constant high pitched moan heard on the albums after this, and so I guess in comparison, they are excellent vocals.

The lyrics are still in the vein of Motley Crue’s older releases. Violence, Drugs, Sex, anger the good ol days right? But there are two ballads on the album whose lyrics kind of clash with the overall feeling and kind of leave you confused. Other then that, the lyrics for the other songs are satisfactory and don’t make you gag with horrid cheesiness a la Poison (this opinion may differ on the song Girls, Girls, Girls).

The production is still fairly raw and sounds like Black metal compared to the overproduction of Dr.Feelgood, but that’s a good thing I think. The overall tone of the album gives you that raw, LA life feel which Motley Crue is supposed to give you every time, but as I mentioned just now, they lost after this album.

While listening to this album, it is like a roller coaster ride that never really gets to the height it starts at. It starts off with four pure metal songs, and then goes into the ballad “Nona”, and after that, it never really gets to the same point of heaviness. "Five years dead" starts off pretty heavy and is metal, but then breaks into some poppy verses and choruses almost killing its metal-ness. After that, “All in the name” is just Glam rock; it isn’t really heavy or anything just really glam rock. Then “Sum thin for nuthin” brings up the heavy up a little bit, but never returns to the pure metal of the first bit of the album. After that, it’s the boring ballad “You’re all I need”, a fairly heavy ballad, but at this point you know that the album isn't going to get anymore metal as it is the last track on the album.

Overall, it is still a pretty solid album with some 80s metal anthems and the like, but you can really start to hear where they started to betray their 80s metal roots and conform to the poppy-glam rock style of the 80s made famous by Poison and Bon Jovi.