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Not as bad as one would think... - 81%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 15th, 2004

Motley Crue's Girls, Girls, Girls album remains to this day one of the most underrated Crue albums. There is a simple explanation if you think about it. Motley Crue started to break away from their heavy metal roots and do what most bands were doing in this time period -producing glam albums. The biggest beef people have with this album is that it only has two hits on it. Wild Side and Girls, Girls, Girls; two very awesome respectable Crue songs. There are other album just like this, having only one or two hits, and yet the album still sounds good. Some examples are Poison - Open Up And Say Ah! and Dokken - Back From the Attack. The truth is those two albums, and Girls, Girls, Girls, has a load of good songs, awesome riffs, etc. but they are masked because of the lack of hits.

So what songs are good on this album? Well of course are two hits Wild Side and Girls, Girls, Girls. Other good songs are Dancing On Glass, Five Years Dead (while a good song strangely sounds like Girls, Girls, Girls), All in the Name Of..., and Sumthin' For Nuthin. All these songs have decent guitar parts, proclaimed to have been written Mars while drunk.

Neil's vocal performance is good as usual and he manages some weird high parts at the end of Dancing On Glass that are most excellent. Sixx blends his bass parts well with the music. However there is not much action from Tommy on this album. It's like he just does what he is supposed to, no more, no less. The only really bad song here is Bad Boy Boogie which has a very bad blues style riffs and solos. You're All I Need should be the third "hit" on this album. It is a very underrated Crue ballad. But of course what would a glam metal album be with its soft ballad guitar parts, desperate vocals, and intense guitar solos?

Nona is a pretty weird song, seeing as how it only lasts a minute and some. Supposedly it was written for the movie "Out of Bounds." Another okay song is the live bonus of Jailhouse Rock. It is done really fast, which is pretty cool, but in the end this song wasn't made for an album. Bad production makes it sound like the music was recorded in a high school gymnasium. Die hard Crue fans should respect this album for just about every song that this album has to offer. While the rest of us will just replay Wild Side and Girls, Girls, Girls over and over and over...