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Hardie har har... - 58%

Snxke, June 16th, 2004

This album is among the most overrated pieces of crap in the world. Seriously, the overproduced pop-metal fest is just a joke. The Crue' managed to put out a perfect record with the earlier "Shout at the Devil" which features enough dirty words and enough big hooks to catch and sell any fan on earth. Unfortunately for Motley Crue...this album does little to capture that timeless vibe.

This record has one standout track (the double-thumping title track) and a bunch of decent "metal" filler. "Kickstart my Heart" and "Don't Go Awa Mad (Just Go Away)" rock a bit as well. These though, are the only notable tracks on the record. Standing next to tripe about blowjobs, partying and whatever Nikki Sixx was interested in bragging about at the time. Bob Rock does his usual job with the band, and of course, it sold many copies.

The artwork is interesting but the medical symbol on the front did say something about the state of Motley Crue. Despite being clean and sober and "healthy"...the band was on a downward spiral. One killer album later and a somewhat ill-fated reunion the band was already on a dramatic downward spiral once again.