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"I AM" the one...Dr. Feelgood - 81%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 16th, 2004

This album actually is just a little better than Girl, Girls, Girls, but not by much. The glam feeling invaded this album, almost to the point where they started sounding like Poison. But there are some heavy songs, which I will explain later. The majority of these songs are fillers and hits. Usually I try to avoid the word fillers, but the songs that aren't hits just aren't that good (save for a few).

Let's talk about the hits for a moment. The album starts off in an emotional state, with a 911 call saying that a 17 year old boy overdosed. Then it busts into one of the Crue's most famous songs. Dr. Feelgood. This song is very cheesy (lyrical wise) but it has one of the heaviest riffs on this album. The next hits (three in a row actually) are Kickstart My Heart, Without You (one of the three ballads on this album), and S.O.S. which is another popular Crue song. Same Old Situation was always one of my favorites because it is very catchy and easy to sing to.

Basically the rest of the songs on this album are fillers. Some of the fillers are cool and some are not. Slice of Your Pie and Rattlesnake Shake explore the sexual side of Motley Crue. Neither songs have any kind of interesting riff or memorable moment. Hey wait...didn't Skid Row have a song called Rattlesnake Shake? Well they came out the same years, so go figure. Sticky Sweet and She Goes Down have some catchy riffs, but damnit why the hell do you need to write so many songs about sex!!! Sing about death and Satan like in the past guys! The last two songs are basically ballad like. Don't Go Away Mad kind of sounds like John Mellencamp wrote it. Time For A Change isn't bad, in fact I think it is a better ballad then Without You, it just doesn't have the recognition that it should.

Overall this album has hits, songs about sex, and ballads. Motley Crue fans probably appreciate this album more than regular metal heads. I think it would be safe to say this album is to glam for metal heads. Only if you like glam metal or Crue, then this album is okay for your collection. Just an interesting note to end the review; Dr. Feelgood could have landed a huge controversy. Take the chorus of that song and replace "He's" with "I am." Saying "I" made the band look like they were Dr. Feelgood, and that they were drug dealers. Obviously the band changed it to avoid a contorversy.