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Could be better, if the lyrics weren't so retarded - 59%

Nightcrawler, February 23rd, 2004

Okay, so they detracted somewhat from the sheer suckage of the previous album. But this still ain't great, by any means. Dr. Feelgood features most everything that was wrong on Girls, but with a few slight improvement.
What's instantly recognizable is that the bass-heavy (and heavy in general) production provides an extra punch for the song that hasn't been evident since Shout At The Devil (with the exception of the song Wild Side...), which shows right away with the chugging riff-rhythms of the title track, which is a really fucking great song.

But, like on the previous album, the great start was misleading, and the majority of the songs on here is filler. But let's start with the good stuff... Dr. Feelgood is catchy as hell vintage Crüe material, only heavier than usual, and is really fun to sing along to.
Then we have Kickstart My Heart, the fucking best Mötley Crüe song ever. Packed with intensity, energy, power and sheer rocking awesomeness comparable to the likes of Breaking The Law and Princess of the Night, this song shows what this band is all about.
"And to think, we did all of this to rooooooock!" Yes, guys, you sure know how to rock. But why, god damn it, why didn't you continue to do so?

No, instead of continuing to rock with songs about fast cars and rocking hard, they keep writing the most pathetic and horrendous sex songs in history.
Slice of Your Pie... "School girl, studied up so well on hoochie coochie"? Listen to Fuck Like A Beast and Burnin' Up, that's how to write songs that will make you wanna fuck. This is just laughable.
And about half of the album consists of these cheesy, pathetic and supposedly sexy pieces of garbage. Rattlesnake Shake, Same Ol' Situation, She Goes Down and the worst of them all.. Sticky Sweet! Argh, I can't listen to these lyrics without laughing out loud.
The awful lyrics aside though, the music ain't that horrible. Songs like Slice of Your Pie and She Goes Down has a nice groove to them. While not being anywhere near the bands better material, there's some fun music to be found here, but it's buried in layers of cheese and ridiculousness.
If you have a high tolerance for the most hideously laughable sexual references you've heard, and you like a good dose of hard rock with heavy metal touches (yeah, aside from Kickstart My Heart and the title track, this is more hard rock than metal...), then you should be able to enjoy this.

And if you rock, you'll fucking go nuts when Vince sings "Always got the cops comin' after me, custom built bike doin' 103" in Kickstart My Heart. Man, if they wrote more songs like this...

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, there's also one more really good song. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) is pretty nicely done and very emotional, but keeps a strangely upbeat mood despite being a breakup ballad. Very nice.
But then there are two other ballads on here that are nowhere near that one. Closing track Time For Change ain't horrible, just very mediocre. Then we have Without You, which plods along without getting anywhere, and is the most boring song here.
All in all, this is only essential for fanatical Crüe fans who can find some enjoyment in lyrics such as "She's so sticky, sticky sweet/Now when I've done good, she slaps me on the ass/It takes more than ten seconds to satisfy that lass". Though it's really worth getting just for the title track and Kickstart My Heart, that's how much they fucking rock.
Over and out, or some other catchy closing phrase, shall be inserted here.