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Criminally overlooked gem! - 98%

Mephizto, April 10th, 2008

I think this album's band is criminally overlooked.
It's one of those albums where each single song is worth of being there, which put it's fundamental brick to the construction of the final great opera which is Maelstrom Chaos.

There is a huge ability to mix speed and brutality with atmosphere and melody, something very difficult to achieve if you are not a capable musician, and here we have a top notch executed album!
A stand out release due to its sheer brutality combined with solid songwriting and very deep melodic feeling.
Here we find hyperspeed drumming, singing lead guitar, tons of timing-changes never out of place, great acoustic guitars, fantastic solos and insane double-bass.
It is truly breath-taking with which variety the members are approaching this musical sub-genre, from blistering speed to sacral over doomy metal, always on the highest level.

The fifth track and also album title Maelstrom Chaos, is the standout song of this release in my opinion, because of it's very very odd but still powerful riffing.
There are many highlights on this damn album, and I want to leave you the pleasure to discover yourself which ones.

Make yours this album