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Half Brutal, Half Melodic - 89%

Verminswallower, October 12th, 2012

First of all, the split's title is really long, and I think these guys should've thought of a better and shorter name. Now, onto the review.

Lymphatic Phlegm:

Lymphatic Phlegm is a goregrind duo from Brazil and its a band different from all the other goregrind bands out there, mainly because of the guitar sound. While we are all used to hearing that low-tuned guitar, Lymphatic Phlegm uses a more melodic sound on them, making this band unique, and the songs on this split show us some good displays of their songs, though this is not the best material they have released. But guess what? The vocals are the usual goregrind vocals: deep guttural growls, which is a little annoying for the sound in their music. The lyrics (if they have any on this split) are about medical stuff, forensics mainly. And though this band has more tracks than Torsofuck, the lengths of the songs are really short.


The 4 tracks by Torsofuck are like the ones on their debut album, but with notorious differences. First of all, the guitar sound is more clear and the bass is not that loud, but is still there. Vocally this is still the same with deep, inaudible growls. The drum machine sounds more "machine", and a perfect example is Vaginal Disembowelment. Also, the songs have samples, but they are short with the longest being the sample at the beginning of Craving for Fresh Shit. And here we have the initial versions of Cannibal and Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver, which were re-recorded on the debut album. These versions are different, musically and vocally, but still they are good.

Overall, this is an interesting split to hear no matter if you like one band or both of them. Torsofuck show us the brutal side while Lymphatic Phlegm show us that even goregrind can have a melodic sound.

Lymphatic Phlegm - Altered Mucosal Immunity in Cholestatic Jaundice.
Torsofuck - Craving for Fresh Shit

Fun material from both - 78%

Noktorn, November 26th, 2009

The cover for Torsofuck's side is just charming.


You know, I've never really understood why so many people (typically non-brutal death or goregrind listeners) consider Torsofuck one of the pinnacles of absurd brutality in brutal death or goregrind. I mean, have these guys ever listened to actual brutal death? From what I'm hearing, half the riffs on the Finnish band's side of the split could easily be found on 'Eaten Back To Life' or even Deicide's self-titled. The amount of oldschool death and thrash metal is actually pretty staggering; subtract the blitzing drum machine and absurdly gore-drenched vocals and you essentially have a rather conventional death/thrash album, just downtuned to z-flat. Torsofuck, despite all the gore, is a band with its heart in the early '90s if not '80s. There's not nearly the amount of low-fret scribbling that one typically associates with brutal death, and all the song structures are like the riffs: laid out in a clear, coherent fashion, with sections dovetailing logically, blasts trading places with grooves here and there all while being enveloped by the rather unprecedented gore-purr vocals of Mikko Friberg.

Torsofuck's real claim to fame beyond their absurd lyrics and image has always been the utterly undeniable catchiness of their music. This never really approaches slam or deathcore but a lot of the principles are the same: songs are structured around groove clearly derived from early death metal and oldschool thrash breakdowns, with chugging open-E notes reconfiguring themselves over a snappy, popping drum machine before diving into fairly simple but effective tremolo numbers. The songs are compact and simple but with enough variation to keep them eminently listenable. If nothing else, Torsofuck makes FUN music, which seems to be what the majority of brutal death metal has forgotten to do (and not in the awesome Enmity way). Yeah, the production is clearly bedroom-level and the vocals are rather here and there in delivery and the synthetic guitar tone leaves something to be desired, but so what? They're good songs and that's what really matters.

Lymphatic Phlegm:

In reaction to Torsofuck's rather oldschool style, I suppose Lymphatic Phlegm went oldschool as well, albeit in a different way. Of the Lymphatic Phlegm material I've heard, this is the most firmly trenched in the '70s and '80s melodic tropes that tend to distinguish this band from other Brazilian goregrinders. It's actually very striking; as soon as the brilliantly titled intro passes you're assaulted with the band's traditional brand of distorted vocals and grinding drum machine, but the riffs are of an even more melodic and oldschool character than normal, with numerous bits and pieces coming right out of the Black Sabbath or Judas Priest mold alongside the more typical array of Carcass-emulating chunkery. The production is as claustrophobic and reverb-soaked as ever, and in general the production and playing style of this side of the split fits neatly into the back catalog of Lymphatic Phlegm. This riffing seems more experimental in style than usual and makes this perhaps a good entry for those looking to acquaint themselves with the more outwardly unusual aspects of the band's style.

This isn't really my favorite work by the band but it is quite strong; the shortness of the band's side doesn't give the somewhat one-dimensional melodic style on display a chance to wear on the listener, and while this material is solid and enjoyable, it comes off as a pleasing but unessential release from the Brazilian duo. Of course it's recommended, as is all the band's work, but there are more crucial releases to obtain if you just want the bare essentials of the band.


The previous sentence can apply to this disc as a whole: while this is perhaps my favorite Torsofuck material, I acknowledge that the 'Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy' is a more essential release, and while Lymphatic Phlegm's side gets a number of spins from me, I'd say that material like their split with Flesh Grinder or the first full-length is more important. If you enjoy the styles of the bands on display, certainly give this a try, but otherwise this is really just for fans of either of these bands. Of course if you're cool you're a fan of both, right?