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"Hey, Andre, I Think You Found Your Sound" - 80%

Jjaaze, February 28th, 2011

A step up from the demo tape "Malignant Cancerous Tumour in the Epithelial Tissue of the Intestine" in grind terms, "Bloodsplattered Pathological D[y]sfunctions" is a mass of noise, with the traditional unrelenting grind of the middle releases in the band's catalogue. The drum machine still fits into the aggressive chainsawing guitar (which has so much distortion [rather than the iconic reverb] that it's almost impossible to define the notes being played) and I can barely hear the bass through the cacophony. Less melody included.

Vocals are slightly too loud, but Andre Luiz's unique brand of textbook-presentation lyrics prove an interesting read (my way of saying I stared at them for hours and could not understand any of it). The so-called session vocals on "C.H.S. Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Melittus)" are essentially another guy pitch-shifting lower than Andre, which makes me yearn for the Jeff Walker impersonator from the original demo. The Regurgitate "Vulva Fermentation" cover contains the only distinct element in the entire release - a slight synth hook. It's a decent cover, for a band using a drum machine, but of course it doesn't even touch the original. It sounds more like a Phlegm track (which is really the point of covers, isn't it? - debatable) than a Regurgitate one.

The main issue with this release, and most following releases by the band, is the similarity of songs. Granted, the drumming is still very inventive (and the thing you'll be focusing on the most) whereas some of the songs from the two full lengths especially seem to use the same fills, but once you've heard the first five minutes, you've essentially heard the whole twenty. The songs are still longer than the thirty-second grind found on the first full length "Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia", and if I'm not mistaken, "Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution)" has been re-recorded several times for later splits/compilation splits. It must be a band favourite. Personally I'd go for "Abnormal Multiplication Of The Diaphragmatic Tissue Cells", it's slower and the black-metal-esque guitar tone peeks through more in the first few seconds.

Overall, this is nowhere near as iconic as "Malignant Cancerous Tumour in the Epithelial Tissue of the Intestine" or "Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia", but still an essential part of the collection if you're after all the full releases. Phlegm only has three, after all. And if you want to purchase it, go for the Last House On The Right reissue - it sounds even more nightmarish on record. Plus, that inner-sketch has got to be the greatest logo ever seen before, why didn't they use it on all succeeding albums?