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Greatest metal album? Definitely. - 100%

Spawnhorde, January 19th, 2004

Absolutely my favorite metal album, nothing can compare to the brilliance that is Elvenefris. The album is laced with brutality, melody, and really, really, really, really, REALLLLLLLY amazing drumming. Toma Corn is one of the best drummers in the world, possibly the best. He adds in the ultimate random fills that not many can even try to fit in to a .1 second time frame. Constantly pulling snare tricks and hitting his ride like there's no tommorow, he adds double bass to everything in a somewhat restricted compressed manner to create the ultimate drum sound. There really is no way the drums could have been better on this album.

As for guitars, I really enjoy when bands have two guitarists, and both are ACTUALLY GOOD. Switching off constantly with guitars and creating an intricate riff pattern, this part of the album is pretty flawless as well. There are some really nice brutal/grindy riffs, the likes of Cryptopsy or Malignancy, and then there are some great melodic riffs as well (Land Where Sympathy Is Air, for example). The guitars are always going, too. They pretty much never take a break, save for the last song.

Land Where Sympathy Is Air is the absolute best album opener in the history of metal, in my opinion. It starts with perfectly executed double bass and cymbal work, and leading to a great riff. Then, Toma goes off on his own, pulling off fills and crap straight out of thin air. Right afterwards, you are treated to Ptoe's amazing guttural vocals.

You can tell he is singing the lyrics with a sense of divine fury. Just the utter effort that went into these vocals astounded me. As for the lyrics...they are very non-typical of brutal death. Even though the band isn't STRAIGHT brutal, the lyrics are very different. Rather than taking the "we must be gory and sing about gutting women (No offense Disgorge)" approach, they decided to do lyrics about sadness, longing, and hope. I really think the lyrics fit the kind of music they play very well.

Also...the last track will scare some br00tal metalheads. It's a hefty 11-minute track. You might be thinking "ah, who cares." What if I tell you it's just a synth. And birds chirping. It is an amazingly beautiful song. If you don't agree, you can speak to my hammerchainsaw.

Reading along with the lyrics is not enough, simply put, for listening to this band. You have to have an open mind and an open heart.

Best metal album? Yes...yes it is.