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Eastern Death Metal at its best - 96%

Robropnkr1, March 17th, 2007

Who would have thought that a band so creative would emerge from the Czech Republic? I personally love this band and this album. Both are amazing. The mixture of Brutal and Melodic, the emotion, the passion, the underlying Egyptian and middle eastern melodies, the theme, the atmosphere, the minor and major harmonies. Everything about this album is enjoyable and beautiful.

The album opens harshly. Land Where Sympathy Is Air begins with guttural screams, some of the fastest drumming I have ever heard, and unique guitar work and synchronization of harmonies. My first impression of Lykathea Aflame (Currently Lykathe) was that of brutality, heaviness, and beauty. This album takes the listener on a journey through an underlying theme of fantasy, strange lyrical concepts, and epic clean vocals that soar above the rhythm of the music.

The next few tracks are nicely done. They smoothly progress into eachother with the unique sound that this band has made for themselves. The strangest thing that I noticed about this band and this album is the fact that Major scale harmonies and riffs are used, creating a sense of happiness that works smoothly with the fantasy theme and the middle eastern sounds.

I enjoy listening to this album much more than many others, simply because of the fact that it is so easy to listen to and indulge in. The progression is very smooth, and the musicianship is amazing.

Corn is one of the most amazing, technical drummers out there. His style is unique, unlike anything I have ever heard before. His sound mixes well with that of the guitars, clean and distorted. These talents come together to create an interesting soundscape, a myriad of metal and fantasy influences.

I strongly recommend this album to anyone who is interested in metal that is more than music. This album is emotional, passionate, and laden with beautiful musicianship. It is definitely worth at least a listen. This band deserves that much from anyone