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Walking In The Garden Of Awesome - 100%

KantQontrolMyself, January 30th, 2006

Okay, I've been listening to this album for quite a few years, and it's one of my gateway albums into melodic death/grind. It's nice because I certainly haven't heard anything that can top it. After all of the metal albums I've listened to, I can certainly state that Elvenefris is certainly one of the top metal albums of all time (so far anyway, but it'll certainly be hard to beat). It's gotta be the perfect combination of heavy and brutal death metal with and absolutely beautiful melodic metal ever. Not only that, but the Egyptian overtones along with some of greatest fuckin' drumming I've ever heard, and you got yourself a perfect death metal album!

Land Where Sympathy Is Air- 10/10 A perfect opener, starting off withan Egyptian passage, and then blazing with lightning fast guitars and drums, with very VERY gutteral vocals, and then taking some oppurtunities to only slightly slow down the tempo, and then go into a softer part with some actually rather clean and godly sounding spoken word. Then it speeds up again with more growling and crazy drumming, and then it goes into some of the catchiest riffing on the album! Again, the Egyptian tones show up on the guitars as some of the greatest chugging goes around and kicks the shit out of your ears. Then it goes to what it was like in the beginning, and keeps going fast, ending on a soft note with more spoken word, and this is about the point where you can tell what exactly the lyrical theme is about, and it's quite interesting. You'd expect this to be about killing and death and raping corpses? WRONG! It's about spirituality and happiness and all that sorta stuff. Strange, yes? But damn is it awesome!

To Become Shelter And Salvation- 8.5/10- Begins with some synthy intro, and then goes all fast like you'd expect, but not so awesome as the last track. Growly vocals and chuggy guitars still accounted for though! Then a little later, there's a mixture of heavy death metal along with s'more of those spoken vocals. Then it continues with the thrashing, even getting to a more melodic part, only to end up slowing down with more of those godly words, and then it slowly chugs it's way to the end. Certainly not bad by all means, but it doesn't stand out so much.

Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame- 10/10 Another highlight of the album, though it starts off slow with more of those spoken words, it'll soon kick your ass with some off the fastest and most beautifully melodic riffs on the album, with some utterly insane drumming to come along. I swear, Tomas Corn is a damned machine! So it continues on with melodic thrashing, and then kinda slows down once more, and then riffs you to pieces once again. If anything, you could picture this song being like, the triumphant victory song, because that's kinda what it sounds like in my mind. The part at 1:54 definitely shows that off.

Flowering Entities- 9/10 Starts off with plenty of chuggy and brutal death metal, and goes on with it for a few minutes with some Egyptian parts thrown in. After that, it starts to get really soft, with the crazy drummin' still goin' at it! Then again, it gets hella heavy with Ptoe growlin' like mad at ya. As it keeps thrashin', you're brought to another soft interval, with yet again, more of Ptoe's wonderful clean vocals. The soft parts combined with the really heavy guitars really help this one to stand out.

To Give- 10/10 Now this song has got to have some of the best drumming on the album. Begins with some really catchy chug riffing along with Tomas's awesome drums, and then goes into the awesome main verse. After that's overwith, we're treated to some totally awesome soloing done by Mr. Corn. I swear, you gotta hear it to believe it! So we get more thrashin', another awesome clean passage, and then more of the fantastic riffage until the song ends. It may seem like routine, but BOY does this shit not get old!

On The Way Home- 9.5/10 Probably the most "Egyptian" song on the album. It has some rather soft-sounding riffage and more of Ptoe's deep growls. Then it starts to get heavier and faster with some really catchy riffs, and at some point slows down with Egyptiany guitars. The great thing is when the song slows down, Corn's drums don't! And then, some heavy chuggin', more slowin' down, and then catchy-as-fuck melodic riffin', and basically keeps up this sort of formula 'til the end. Anyone who loves Egyptian metal will automatically get a kick outta this one.

Shine Of Consolation- 9.5/10 Starts off real fast and growly, and keeps it up more the most part of the song since it's the shortest on here at 3:39. Spoken parts are randomly put into the mix as well, with quite an interesting breakdown. The vocal pattern is different here, and then plays some beautiful riff until it steps into some super-catchy fast melodic riffing. This part of the album is indeed some of the catchiest off of here. Then it breaks down a lil' with some chuggin', and continues goin' hella fast and catchy with little slowdowns here and there. Thankfully, the shortest on the album has plenty of substance to go around!

Sadness And Strength- 9/10 Begins bein' rather heavy and fast, with some not-really-significant slowdowns. It kinda shifts speeds back and forth a lot, which is neat. Next, hella awesome, melodic riffing! Then, more chuggy riffing, and then more slight slowing down, rinse and repeat until we slow down completely, and then a different and awesome melodic riff! This song definitely shows off a lot of melody, and it indeed rules! So, just keep goin' with more high-speed thrashin', and then s'more back and forth tempo changes, and throw in some Egyptian guitar passages, and you got one hell of a song

A Step Closer- 9.5/10 I'd say this is one of the slowest songs off the album, besides the end of course. Starts off with kind of an enchanting part, which gets completely contradicted by heavy and fast blazin' guitars and more crazy drums. So, keep the thrashin' alive for quite some time, and then move on to some chuggin' (not so heavy, but awesome). Then this song has...a chorus! And it's a soft one, with more Ptoe's godly vocals, and some neato cymbal work by Corn. Then we sorta speed up as it moves along, and then it goes back to the super-speed death metal again. After a bit of that, it slows down yet again into a more Wonderland-sounding version of the chorus. As it tries to speed up again, it slows down a whole lot, to have some clean guitars goin', only to lead into an awesome melodic riff, but then slows down EVEN more, to play a slower version of that last riff, with some background guitars. Then it takes you straight to the end, and there ya have it.

An Old Man And A Child- 10/10 This has to be my favorite track. It's begins with catchy chuggin' with bells goin' on in the background and more growlin'. The riff...the catchy...! Then it goes into a slower Egyptian part, and chugs it's way into the next fast part, which = awesome chuggage! Then it slows down s'more, at least a bit anyway, and continues more growling, which he does for most of the song, and then slows down even more with more Egyptian guitar, and then goes fast again with catchy melodic riffs! Man, tempo changes galore! Then it goes to another section of melodic guitar, starting off clean, and then going into majorly beautiful guitar + drum ownage. Then it kinda repeats all of what I just said, with a sort of slower part added into the mix. Then finally, the ending. OH the ending...! It's gotta be the most beautiful part of the album. It's got a really wonderful sounding melody playing in the background with Ptoe saying a brilliant spoken passage and guitars still goin' with plenty of melody to accompany the background and Tomas still poundin' the drums even as the song fades, thus ending the crushing heaviness of the album on the line "Let your steps be blessed, and guided by light!" Then it ends with some bird chirpin' as it goes into the final track. Definitely the most stand out track of the album...!

Walking In The Garden Of Ma'at -8/10 Well, maybe THIS one is the most "stand-out" seeing as how there's no heaviness....period. All it is is a very beautiful sounding synth outro. Well, it's nice, but it's reeeaalll long, so impatient people certainly won't like it so much. The rest however, should indeed get a kick out of it. Though, for being the longest track, not much happens in it, but it is some really nice synth playing, that's for sure.

Though not absolutely perfect for everybody, basically every second of this album will either touch your heart, annihilate your soul, or both at the same time! No track is below outstanding, and it's gonna be hard for any other band to even come close to matching its excellence. So Lykathea Aflame, we salute you for making the greatest metal album ever, and we hope you continue to make more of the same, provided you guys are still gonna record that album this summer...!