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Among the Greatest Metal Albums of All Time - 100%

KalmahSlays, August 22nd, 2012

Lykathea Aflame is a band that can be easily overlooked. They're not the most popular death metal band out there and their album cover suggests they might be some Nile rip off band. This is too far from the truth. Lykathea Aflame brings a very interesting blend of melody and brutality to the table like nothing I've heard before.

Their debut (and only) album Elevenefris is one of the most astounding compositions to ever grace my ears. The art, lyrics, and music are all amazing. Like I said before they blend lots of melody into a brutal death metal style composition. One of the songs that features this blending is "On The Way Home." They also utilize a variety of instruments not typically heard in technical or brutal death metal from keyboards to sitars. And not only is the band melodic but they also visit various major keys which is a vary unusual aspect to hear in music this brutal. However it works out to their advantage making the music very interesting to listen to.

I'm going to do an instrument by instrument review as that's the easiest way to break this album down. I'll start with the guitars. The guitars on this album are just great. They go from very spastic and technical precision to slow melodic playing in the blink of an eye. These guys definitely know their way around a fret board. Some of the more interesting guitar playing can be found on the track "Flowering Entities." The bass is also very good although is is somewhat inaudible at times. There's a point where you can hear the bass playing over the guitars doing its own counter melody and that's fantastic.

The drums are also amazing. This guy has some of the most awesome and precise snare work I've heard in death metal. His lines are very spastic at times making it difficult to find a constant beat, but hey you're listening to technical death metal what did you expect right? The vocals are also very brutal. The vocalist does mostly low guttural style vocals and the occasional spoken word lines and clean singing vocals. The contrast between the melodic bits and the brutal vocals is what first caught my eat when listening to Lykathea Aflame. It's superb how the band manages to perfectly blend the two. It's also amazing that the vocalist is also the guitar player. How he plays such technical lines and does vocals at the same time is beyond me.

Overall if you're a fan of any kind of extreme music I highly recommend Elvenefris. It is a beautiful work of art that will be cherished within the metal community forever.

Standout Tracks: "Land Where Sympathy Is Air", "Bringer of the Elvenefris Flame" , "Flowering Entities", and "On The Way Home".