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Amazing Piece Of Work Here - 100%

Grimloz, September 24th, 2005

Wow, can any technical death/grind band sound like this? Never. This is some amazing stuff out of Czech Republic and puts a lot of death/grind acts to shame. This album is quite amazing in every way fathomable, from excellent drumming to insane riffs to Ptoe's angry growling and soft spoken passages. Tomas Corn's drumming is similar to Flo Mounier's of Cryptopsy in the way that it keeps everything together.

The riffing is simply amazing. Some of it sounds Arabian or something, and it keeps the music interesting and somehow melodic-sounding. Take track three, Bringer of Elvenefris Flame, for example. The riff here is melodic for this type of music, yet fits perfectly and is so damn catchy, you can't help but hum along. Another thing that stands out is the spoken passages. They fit right into all the songs perfectly. The growling by Ptoe is also special, it holds a majestic charm to it that seems to fit right in with the whole Lykathea Aflame scheme.

The album begans with a bang with Land Where Sympathy Is Air. The first Arabian sounding riff, then Ptoe's crushing vocals come in, and you know you are in for a hell of an album. Elvenefris closes with Walking In The Garden Of Ma'at. It's an 11 minute journey through this garden, with a background synth and birds chirping, amongst other animals.

Overall, this is the most original and amazing technical death/grind metal and proves that death metal still has plenty of ideas. It's a shame Lykathea Aflame is no more. I just hope Lykathe can somehow stack up to this classic.