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A Spiritual Journey - 100%

Drizzling_Blur, May 17th, 2009

Lykathea Aflame's Elvenefris is a spiritual journey into the world of unknown. This CD disproves that evolution is a curse, this is a muscial revelation and a spiritual spark that ignites with each and every coherent note that is played through the 72 minutes of music that the band has compacted through a thought that has forever cursed and abused the fact that the existentalistic rituals and realities have borne fruit to. The music sums up a totality of human ability, thought, desire, belief, dream and finally an execution that again affirms faith into sum being greater than the parts. The band has not devised a plan, they have no calms about expressing their innermost infectious feelings through the most unique form of music known to mankind. Elvenefris was released in the year 2000 and having listened to this album since 2005, it's only today in 2009 that I can say I have managed to comprehend a message so twisted and cryptic that one would have to undergo a tremendous process of rigorous self analysis and introspection with regard to their music, only to realize there's no absolute journey or destination that has to be reached, there are just moments of elevated levels of assumption and presumption that internally enable an individual to empower himself through the journey, Elvenefris is a journey.

Elvenefris to me is not music based, neither based on the capabilites of the members who display astounding proficiency in handling their instrument, Elvenefris, whole is the resultant of lyrics, a lyrical theme so powerful that it held together the most powerful of abilities to be captured through the dimensions of time and production awesomeness. The lyrics of this album in particular are by far the best that any band in the metal genre has ever managed to produce, the lyrics bind together a feeling of calmness, a feeling of expressing the inner most devils through the predicaments of life and at the same time engage in a constant struggle to be not misuderstood, they dwelve upon the very own human thought patterns and existentalism by the virtue of questioning and leaving behind the quest for independent thinking.

From Flowering Entities

Any negative emotion as a response,
for stimulus from envirous arisen in us,
show us that we are still within power,
of superficial dimension and teach us.

The lyrics, as expressed do not let the listener mature through the musical harmonies and melodies entwined with them, they stand independent irrespective of the exceptional musical atmosphere that encroaches them through the dimensions offered by the instruments, influencing eastern elements add up to the mystical aura of questioning that the band wants to and at the same time lightens the path of unknown for the jouney to be taken. Elvenefris is a intellectually stimulating experience that should not be lost just by the music that surrounds an internal philosophy, it has to be devoured, mentally consumed to understand the striking inabilities of the man in relieving himself off the anomalies for the path into the superficious and extend an eternal inquisitiveness into the patterns of evolution, till then, it is still a curse.

The music of Elvenefris is a perfectly simulated experience that only the collision of ideologies and implementation of non-prejudiced withhold, the album is full of illustrious waves of thought that is brough to life through the help of vocal chords, strings and stretched skins. The guitarists of the album web through the complexities of the lyrics effectively to construct a thought pattern in itself that weaves a sea of imagination through the mind struck and actively frozen world of musicians, the guitars often overshadow their contemporaries to establish a unique sound through the enchanting eastern instruments, that chip in to mesmerize one with the melodies that so easily encapsulate the listener, the solo's are impeccable, surprisingly the solo's do not take the center stange, Elvenefris has the most complicated rythm section in whole of metal, the guitars just burp out through the unholy hands that attach themselves through the devotion of beliefs and playing efficiencies. The guitars on whole of this CD form a pattern of following their ideas and ideologies expressed in that moment. The breakdowns are so meaningful, they've always lead to the greater part of the realization process that is to follow through simpler patterns that evolve to contrast what just followed. The guitar playing is complex to say the least, why the complexity is a question when the band does just fine by empoweing the lyrics using simpler intrinsic patterns that add up to the message of the lyrics. As I understand, the burden of having to realize the expression of lyrics so abnormally powerful has to be coupled only with a way like this, every song independently dependent on the basic human thought and an accomplishment that itself, set's out to achieve a higher and more brutal introspective emotions withheld. Every song emerges with a perfect stimulating analogy, a flawless reflection through the guitars some times building the atmosphere and the feel of the track that would only gobble up the mean and the insensitive. On the whole, this album does not bring to the world a whole new guitar playing, what this album does, that no other in the present days is bring out guitar pieces that so easily sew themselves to the path of broken words and mind wrenching truths. The most impressive parts on the album are the non distorted outputs that so gently and sensibly pierce one through the grey matter to inculcate the stimulation, and once the damange of it is done, the incessant and the brutal skinning of it is done to review a whole new experience of expertise that only Lykathea Aflame can offer for all time to come.

The drumming on this album is a unique high that no other drummer has dared to produce in all the time of metal music's existence, they build up just like the guitars to undo the damage of the lyrics only to realize they've entrusted oneself with the greater responsibility of understanding this gentle journey. The drummer is unbelivably honest and fast with his mode of expression, with every unique riffing pattern, the drums mould themselves to a newer level of brutality that acknowledge everything that the band is propagating through this CD, every single second of this album is a different experience through a different instrument, that pin pointing it to a unique source is extremely difficult, but yet, the drums stand out in their department not only because of the ability of the drummer to be fast and be heard in the jungle of sounds and notes, but because of the ability of the drummer to coherently interfere with something so beautiful that the whole purpose is set itself and aligned to a new level, a new dimension through it. The band's opening track, Land Where Sympathy is Air, is perhaps one of the most destructing pieces of music that one has to sit through to understand the beauty in expression and experience. The drummer right from the second where he quietly chip's in with his masterpieces exhibits an exuberating sense of time. Every stretched skin and every piece of metal out in the kit has not a second of unwantedness, every single second is a massacre that engulfs the senses of the listener. It is meaningless to express how fast or how effective the drummer is, it just adds up to the mediocre ways of reviewing any normal artist, Lykathea Aflame is not a normal band, they are exceptionally and intellectually stimulating where the independent and the individual pieces of perfection are laid across to create and have created a masterpiece.

The bass guitar has often been misrepresented and misinterpreted, lost in layers of production wonders and confined to the background of behemoth riffs, the bass guitar and bassists in general have been a folk of (mostly) under-appreciated people who through time have reformed through the demands of pulsating drums and acting like the proficient back bone of the band, the bass on Elvenefris does everything that a bassist is expected to do, hide in the shadows providing the necessary darkness to the patch of brightly lit beauty of the togetherness of a band. The bass on this CD is a veritable treat, extremely complex with riffs and independent in the areas where there is a perfect necessity to carry out the burden, thought lost in the sudden build up's and break downs of the music, the bassist acknowledges the necessity of deception through the guitarists work and emerges from the depths of perfection to hold still the complex existence of individuality coupled with a perfect sense of time. The intro of To Become Shelter and Salvation is the perfect example of this, the bass builds up innocently a tempo that is followed on by the fastest and creative riffs, the best part would be the continuation of the riffs breaking down to the simple bass parts that support them only to proceed onto the next set of executions. The bassist has chosen his medium of resentful expression on a journey in perhaps the most brilliant way possible.

Elvenefris is a progression of musical melodies from extreme to soul soothing intricacies, the album opens in perhaps the most unique and brutal Land Where Sympathy is Air and makes way for melody to seep through right from Flowering Entities, the fourth track of the album, and there on progresses to mix an even contest of technicality and brutality with melody. On The Way Home is perhaps my favourite track of the album, this track brings about exactly the truest elements of melody right from the first second of the song and continues it with a perturbed mix of technically executed perfection. The progress of the album is so smooth one often fails to recognize it, the elements of melody seep slow through time that the disc quietly runs about, eventually ending with Walking In The Garden of Ma'at, which is an absolute masterpiece on keys, considering the turmoil and the confusion that the band puts through the listener, Walking In The Garden of Ma'at is a supposed relief but it's interesting the way the band creates a unique experience adding the chirping of birds and eventually lifts off the listener off his feet through the sheer power of mental visualization that this piece of music creates. Beginning with the first track to the last track, the way the band creates an atmosphere, includes elements of middle eastern prominence, mixes technicality, brutality and melody and finally, the lyrical theme of the output is such an awesome process to comprehend and will surely be missed on the first few listens. This is a CD that should be thoroughly enjoyed as a piece of art and a fortress of exemplified structure, Elvenefris is arguably the best ever album in metal music. In the world of crippling mediocrity and label deadlines, Elvenefris stands tall admist the ruins of illogical and random outbursts of expression and superior quality death metal. For once, the world has borne witness to a phenomenon that shall stand the test of time forever.