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100% Organic Metal - 90%

Cedric, December 30th, 2004

This is one of those undefined albums with no specific genre. It’s primarily death/grind stuff, but never really settles on a grind groove for longer than a few seconds. Riffs are circulated, and interludes and keyboards give it a more flowing feel. The whole album has a really round feel to it. The drums are in the br00tal vein of drumming, and remind me of Flo Mournier’s drumming from Cryptopsy fame. There are a lot of eastern folk elements, especially with the starting riff of the opening track.
The thing that keeps this album interesting are that every track has its own feel, while still fitting in the album. The album is 72 minutes long, and I have to say I congratulate them on making it an engaging all the way through. Not really because of the ADD riff changes and constant interludes, but because of the morphing feel to the music, which really lays its base in the background melodies more than in creating a hook and dragging you through the songs. It’s chaotic, but organized. All instrumentalists are top notch, with the drummer being the most prevalent. The vocals range from the typical, but well-done low grind growl to cleaner spoken word and some female vocals as well (of the non-cheesy kind). The drums can be overpowering and are omnipresent, but not mixed so high as to kill the music (like on Black Seeds or some Morbid Angel albums)
The final track is 11 minutes of ambient with nature sounds, which I enjoy, but people that are looking for some excitement will want to skip the track. Without that track, with the album running 61 minutes, it’s a great album too.

The album doesn't age much, but is still highly enjoyable after several listens