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The Engineered Flesh - 60%

Depersonalizationilosophy, December 22nd, 2013

This was a novel and interesting album. The musical tendencies do vary but most of what you’ll hear will be blackened death with a twist of electronic music. Surprisingly, the mixture is done fairly well and leaves a slight tinge in your mouth. Although the novelty is tasty, overall it does come a little bland. No worries as I thought “The Engineered Flesh” worthy of replay and a fun album to listen to when you’re not too serious about your ambient surroundings. Sound-wise they are similar to Dethklok combined with some generic gothic metal. The goth influences are apparent and therefore due to its direction Cradle of Filth popped into my head. Now the latter is a band that receives strong criticism. So if you can’t stand them then I suggest you don’t go into this expecting much. Like Cradle of Filth, Lyfthrasyr does play a couple of mainstream riffs but the ratio is a lot lower so there is that. Lyfthrasyr also use orchestrations but aren’t overbearingly present.

I’ve heard of Lyfthrasyr before as a recommendation from an acquaintance but I don’t remember them applying these electronic-styled compositions. You have to give them credit as it is a nice deviation from the experimental side of things. I did enjoy myself but it comes flawed and stripped down. The impressive instilled awe is now turned to catchy adulation. Which isn’t bad by any means but still it is a step down.

The drums package the album quite tightly. In other words, giving it the microscopic bit of grandeur “The Engineered Flesh” does convey. Fleshing it out are the guitars which are the stronghold the catchiness comes from. And somehow the vocalist is able to pierce time to psychologically slow down the album with his massive voice. It might sound like praise (or maybe not) but in fact the vocalist is sort of plain but his voice is so huge that it does feel like the sound is slowing down a bit. I do recommend “The Engineered Flesh” to those who want something different or an unexpected detour to get you fired up. Take it from me; I’m a serious guy most of the time but the electronic parts got me bobbing my head in an Egyptian-type manner.

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