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Witin the radius of Sun's birth - 83%

MetalDeity, September 18th, 2013

Lychgate is a new project by several members of various famous and aspiring metal artists, most prominently featuring those responsible for marvelous emanations we beheld from Lunar Aurora and Evoken. If a parallel has to be drawn to their sonic manifestation, it would be of a more synth-centered and organ-clad soundscape that reeks of Blut aus Nord, though devoid of its troubled and mind-blowing dissonance. Not to say riffs are a scarcity here, as they pretty much are a equal integral construct of its sound, but the ambience the organ is building with its swollen, soothing and bombastic splendor is insurpassable.

The themes revolve around a philosophical outlook on life, and I may have an actual problem recalling when some band had a better musical companion to its lyrical message. The guitars play some disjointed chords that are comfortably and suitably interspersed with sudden surges of organ's sweeping segues, but at no instance does it become sodden or threadbare, not just due to the album's relative short duration. The tempo changes are dictated by either drumming, often blasting or resorting to more interesting waltz between snare and cymbals, double-bass also partaking, or the already mentioned searing and spectral organ that infuses you with a sentiment of icy unease. The bass is reduced to a minimum, and I may have caught a few notes here and there, that sadly add or diminish little of its enveloping and suffocating atmosphere. Standout tracks among this masterpieces of 9 songs so well knit together that it is best experienced while listened in its entirety, would be "Against the Paradoxical Guild" due to its more varied, cross-style drumming and "Sceptre to Control the World", that so well encapsulates the album's bombast and mystique.

No doubt, this album is an excellent purveyor of future promises from these band, as they have instantly and without hesitation computed a formula that with its calculus of organ, and indecipherable guitars, all in cooperation with at times rather impressive and dedicated drumming, may have a plethora of more unnerving, introspective and haunting music to give audition to. Definitely recommended. 8,3/10