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Lux Occulta - 60%

Apophis, April 12th, 2004

Before you go any further, let me make one thing absolutely clear.

For those of you that think of this band as merely a Decapitated side-project, you might as well stop reading right here. Lux Occulta were formed long before Martin or Vogg joined.

Anyway, I digress.

Lux Occulta basically play a blend of folk, black metal and slightly deathly vocals, with a slight symphonic twist.

Needless to say there are some guitar solos, which should make any fan of Vogg want to check them out, to go with the pretty formulaeic "symphonic black metal" paths explored on this album.

If I'm honest though, nothing I've heard on this album is anything new or different to the rest of the 'melodic black metal' on offer from other bands, who do what they do in a far more engaging way.

That's not to say this album is a complete let-down, it has more than enough to keep some people amused for a period of time, it just doesn't seem to have any long term appeal.

Needless to say Decapitated fans will still buy this for the chance of hearing two of their hero's in an alternate role and, if you buy the right edition, watching a bonus video clip to the (slightly Liberace-esque monikered) 'Kiss My Sword'...

To sum it up, as the policemen says in movies and on tv... "move along people, nothing to see here"