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a philosophical expreience - 98%

bleaklandscape, February 19th, 2006

I bought at first Lux Occulta's second album "Dionysos" which is more basic Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal. That's the reason why I was really surprised after the listening of their previous album "Forever alone immortal". Most of the bands played a harsher music at the beginning, but it's not the case by this great polish band. Both albums are really good, and what makes they still better, is that the band didn't do two times a copy of the same stuff. "Dionysos" is quicker, "Forever alone immortal" is more atmospheric,

I would even hesitate to use the word "Black Metal" to describe it. It's definitively dark, slow, with sad and occult piano and keyboard parts. The guitars sounds melodious, sometimes clear, with acoustic passages, and even if the tempo is mostly slow, it's not boring at all, cause you will be fascinated and captivated by the beauty of this romantic funeral symphony. The vocals are typical Black Metal are despairfull. Maybe mixing them with clean passages would have been a good idea too in this case to diversify the tracks, but it's not a necessity cause the result is impressive.

I appreciate the approach of this album, which combines keyboard with real atmospheres. Some bands just use keyboard in order to hide the bad level of the guitarist, but by Lux Occulta, the keyboard is the continuation and the evolution of the guitars. It allows to intensify the atmospheres, that's really the kind of Atmo Black Metal I appreciate, cause you feel that there is something deep inside the music, maybe even philosophic, what seems to match with the lyrics. The using of other add instruments like cello and flutes makes the music richer and intensify the atmospheres too.

To give you an idea, it's a bit a mix between Dolorian's first release "When all the laughter has gone", and Profanum's "Flowers of our black misanthropy". Perfect!