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You Will Like It - 90%

GreyWingedFall, November 28th, 2006

Lux incerta which means (Dusk Light) is a band from Paris, France. The band was formed in 2000 and went into several line-up changes. Although the band has been around for almost 6 years, they did not grab the attention of any labels and did not release any full lengths yet. However the band kept on recording several demos.

In 2004 the band has released this demo which contains songs that appeared in previous releases, however the songs sound appear more dynamic and more "finished". In general, the slow-mid tempo music range from distorted guitar parts to melancholic clean melodies and nice keyboard passages. The clean vocals play major role in creating such depressive and emotional atmosphere. The production of the Demo is good and clear as crystal, thumbs up.

The Demo start with the 'Clear Water', several versions appeared of this song and this one is the best in my opinion, the lyrics in both French and English. There are nice guitar solos in "The Monk". The third piece "Miserabilis…" contains a dreamy keyboard layers and spoken words and stand as a prologue for the last chapter in this book "…Miserabile" which is more up tempo than the rest of the demo and as well as the heaviest piece.

Generally, this demo provides a high quality Gothic/Doom metal. If you are into bands like Anathema, My Dying Bride, Fall of Empyrean and Lacrimas Profundere and CLEAN vocals, this will not disappoint you at all. If you are looking for depressive emotional music you are at the right place. Lux Incerta has been in the shadows for a long time to not be recognized.