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As we welcome Spring, I Welcom Winter - 82%

TikrasTamsusNaktis, April 27th, 2012

This ep by the ambient black metal band Lustre is a very, very, very cold piece of music. You can clearly feel the coldness that comes from your speakers as you press play. The fascinating thing about this coldness is that it provides a great sense of joy, wonder, awe, and ironically, warmth to oneself.

The album is split into two songs, each simply named part I or part II. I honestly do not like it when bands name their songs this, especially when the band has more than one album and some of the other albums use the same numbered titles. It can get confusing if you want to remember a certain song.

Anyway, the first track starts off immediately with a prominent, very spacey-sounding keyboard that sounds as if it is bouncing between the constellations (if that makes any sense). This music really is amazing to listen to when looking at the stars at night. It creates a sense of wonder and awe for the heavens above. This song also has some very simple guitar chords that are very muddy and heavily distorted that are off in the distance and just add ‚ÄĚheaviness" to the music, helping keep the keys bouncing along at the right pace. The vocals are heavily-distorted, totally incomprehensible shrieks that some listeners might find annoying, but one must realize that this is not about the vocals as it is definitely more about the instrumentation itself. The drumming leaves a little to be desired. It is a very fake, tinny-sounding, programed drum machine. The symbols especially sound awful and they really don't even sound like anything from a drum kit, to be honest. Once again, I must stress though that the keyboards and the guitars together are what matter the most in terms of the songs created by Lustre.

The second song is similar to the first with just a different variation in the chords and the keyboards. It is faster than the first and might invoke more of a sense of "flying through space". I prefer the second song to the first.

Overall, this album is excellent to listen to at night. To be honest, it really only should be listened to at night. Winter is an excellent time to listen to this and experience the coldness of the album, but do not discount the profound effect this music can have on you when you are lying on a dock in the Boreal forest looking out into the heavens and watching the shooting starts stream across the sky, and do not be surprised if you feel a tear run down your face as you experience the beauty of your surroundings.

"Music just makes things so much....More"--- Jeff Sauer