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Deserves it's title - 70%

beletty, March 24th, 2009

The first song of this EP consists of a gentle, breezy sweep of guitars in the vein of early Lugubrum or Sacramentum, pinned down by a patterned sequence of Filosofem-esque keyboards and humanized by a weak, harshy and randomy wail. Lustre certainly succeeds in creating a good hypnotic effect to which mostly contribute the keyboards - they resemble a time-worn musical box.

The second song is weaker. It's made only from synth - synth pulses, the kind of sounds which are the soundtrack of the gradual revealment of a grand and breath-taking lost continent or new planet. These pulses are constantly repeated in order to create a simple, soothing and somewhat spiritual song that becomes nauseating after a while.

All in all this small album conjures a mysterious atmosphere and is a pleasant, apollinical, calm and pretty unique piece of music. A thank you to the special Ashen Light who made it known to me.