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Lust of Decay - Kingdom of Corpses

Semi-Technical Blitzkrieg - 93%

MikeBelial, December 28th, 2005

"We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow (Ted Bundy)." The serial killers of modern Brutal Death Metal are Lust of Decay. They come out of North Carolina playing a sickening brand of semi-technical Brutal Death Metal that would send even the most nefarious human into a frightful state of catatonia. Steve Green is on guitar, Jay Barnes does vocals, Joe Payne picks the bass, and Jordan Varela pounds the drums. They have had several lineup changes throughout the years but have managed to keep it together with determination, hard work, and practice. This album proves that they are one of the best bands in Brutal Death Metal and are arguably one of the more underrated acts in the Metal scene.

Now, I do not play any instruments but I’m also not stupid. Steve Green ain’t gonna do some insane fret work like Christian Münzner and Muhammed Suiçmez the guitarists for Necrophagist. But he is gonna make your head feel like it is being cut open with an electric saw via blazing riffs, and break downs. Each song has enough riffage and tempo change to both bust your spine and compel you to nod your head in the direction of a damned good guitarist… Look at the live pictures of this whirlwind maniac for further proof. By contrast Jay Barnes on vocals sounds exactly like a patient with throat cancer. No, I’ve never heard someone with throat cancer sing, but I’ll bet any fucker my two thumbs that if we forced some patients with cancerous black tumor infested voices to sing they would sound just like Jay… Sick, real fucking sick. On bass Joe Payne picks away with the speed of a crack-head digging through a dumpster for a baggy of white powder. He is obviously talented and is quickly technical enough to keep up an insane-head on collision- type of rhythm. If Jason Newstead herd Joe play he would break down crying, then burn all his bass guitars. Backing the rest of these maniacs is Jordan Varela on Drums. Jordan has amazingly quick feet. In another life this beast could probably have been an NFL running back cause feet like that just gotta have agility. Another distinctive thing about Jordan’s play is that he is not content to blast beat his way through every track. Instead, he seems to have a need to smack every piece of his kit as often as possible. If he were any quicker you probably wouldn’t even be able to see his fucking sticks.

This band seems to get comparisons to Lividity, Pyamia, and Devourment, but I disagree. Obviously, there is "Nothing new under the sun," but what these guys have done is create a sound unto itself based on their underrated but exceptional musical abilities combined with what they have heard and learned to play throughout their musical career/lives. They are technical, thrashy, and even boot heel you in the ball sack with some groove stuff akin to Dying Fetus or old "Tomb of the Mutilated" Cannibal Corpse. And if forced to compare them with other bands for sound I'd fit them in with Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm, and Suffocation from a technical standpoint. Even Lust of Decay's use of porno and horror flick sound samples, which usually falls more in line with Goregrind make them more original. The reason is that they seem to use it as an enhancement whereas other bands like Torsofuck use samples as filler that sometimes takes up half a track or half an album when combined. Lust of Decay is a Brutal Death Metal band that is original in a genre filled with many clones. They definitely deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as bands like Deeds of Flesh, Psycroptic, and Nile.

Now, you all may be out there saying, "Damn Mike, you got me convinced, I'm gonna go and burn this disc." But I say don't waste time burning this disc like a cheap bastard. Buy the album and check out the lyrics, cover art, and various pictures of the band. Hell, if there was such a thing as “justice” in this world bands like Lust of Decay would be bringing in the dollars that retreads like Trivium, Slipshit, and Cradle of Suck reap.