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BM splits \m/ - 79%

Sportswear, March 7th, 2004

Firstly, terrible production and terribly quiet, but whinging about that in black metal is void, so.. Sabazios Diabolus, the main man behind Lust is a madman, his vocals are like a howling female in the woods ready to be killed due to ritual. But, this has a lot of character and a real eerie fuckign sound to it. He is actually a really good guitarist. The second track has a great intro, with some great wolf like growls and screams combined, it is a short, but effective. Most people would comsider Lust to be just a novelty band, but fuck that, I fucking liked the music.

Now for Goatreich666, well fucking throw all novelty out of the window. Their music is fast and vicious, guttural background growls to compliment the evil screams and fast ass riffing. A nice moody slow part on track two, "The Light Over Hiroshima", that breaks back into speed once again. A genuinely good split. Get on with it.