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Masterful... - 100%

lifecursed, August 17th, 2006

I felt it pertinent to write a review of this album due to its absolutely essential content. Even if not to own, at the very least to listen to thoroughly. I believe this album desevres the score of 100 if for no other reason than the originality factor which it has in spades. I dare you to find an album that evokes the same feeling or has the same intensity as LUST's "Genesis of a Satanic Race". It stands in a catergory all its own and while you can maybe see influences it does more than follow its own agenda. I guess now I'll try and convey how much power this album has, try to make some sense of it, and to do it some justice.

This album was crafted by the lone mastermind Sabazios Diabolus which is quite a feat considering the complexity of it. It starts off with an intro of a preist chanting on the first track and as soon as it's over and the first song erupts, ( I feel erupt is the best word to describe the impact of the music hitting )and it is pure chaos. Not the psuedo chaos of shitty "mathcore" bands but true head spinning out of control rollercoaster ride through an insane asylum. The guitars start screaming deafening solos while the drums bash on the entire kit. Frequency assualt all over the map. The guitars are multi tracked in a way that has the main riff going in one direction and the solos going all over the place. The vocals, which will turn alot of people off I'm sure, are unlike any I've heard in extreme metal before. They sound like hysterical, high pitched, torment. But at times they go into death metal grunts and growls. The production is great in that it lets you hear all of which is going on so you don't miss out on any of the rhythm guitars while the solos are burning and blazing all over the place. The drums are thundering and thick sounding. The songs have so many changes in a short amount of time. They will go from full on blasting destruction, to a lurching, spiraling, atmospheric crawl. The structures of the songs make the overall presence of all album quite unsettleling. Inbetween each song is an interlude which vary from samples to short little guitar ditties which helps break up the assault and battery of the music. I really can't say enough about how different and refreshing an album this is. At the same time, it will terrorize you in its ferocity yet you still will be itching to put it on again and again. I could go on and on about the structure of the individual songs but I haven't the time to write and you probably don't have the time to read it.

Bottom line: this album takes the chaos of other Canadian acts ( Blasphemy, Revenge, Axis of Advance ) and moves into territory wholly individual and inovative. After addictive listening to "Genesis of a Satanic Race " the coherent structures of the songs will appear and the bedlam will become even more frightening. Highly recommended!