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Lust > 1997 Demo > Reviews
Lust - 1997 Demo

Your pain is my Lust! - 85%

Inhuman_Abomination, October 25th, 2020
Written based on this version: 1997, Cassette, Death Cult Records

I remember getting this demo from Sabazious Diabolus at a Morbid Angel show, oh so many years ago. He wasn't selling them; he was dispensing them solely to spread hate. That is what this demo was... it's was pure hate! I remember showing this to my normie friends from school, and every single one of them fucking hated it. Nothing on this demo sounded remotely like anything that we were listening to at the time. They didn't even think it was music; it was too raw and messy, and the vocals were so ridiculously over the top. Perhaps that was where my old friends and I had come to a crossroads of what was extreme and what wasn't. This demo and a few other choice local releases were pivotal junctions in the progression of my musical taste or lack thereof.

There is nothing pleasant about this release; from the sound down to the playing, it's very crude but surprisingly audible. Heavily influenced by the Emperor - Wrath of the Tyrant demo in sound and appearance, all the while it's overdosing on Blasphemy and Beherit. Musically it's a caustic mix of Fallen Angel of Doom and The Oath of Black Blood riffs that grind and bulldoze over chaotic blasting. The vocals are a horrid blend of cavernous screams and tortured King Diamond like banshee wails. Hearing this was all new to me then; this demo was my first ever exposure to this level of brutality. It's 14 minutes of unrelenting primitive black death metal; it's gross and excruciating.

This kind of music is not for everyone, fuck, some days I don't think it's for me. Lust's first demo is the only point in the band's career that they were a de facto band, everything else after this has been a one-man show. Edmonton has a very unique sound to its extreme scene, and that quality is quite present on this release. This demo is the most straight forward of the Lust material, while the later releases are quite a bit more experimental and the ideology more extreme. You have been warned... YOUR PAIN IS MY LUST!