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A great example of real Black Metal - 95%

vk666, January 28th, 2007

Well to start with I must compliment the previous reviewer, they are spot on! Within "The Iron hand Of Blackest Terror", Luror have taken all the promise that was displayed on the split LPs and 7" and weaved a VERY strong and cohesive album from it.

Starting with a vocal exaltation you're immediately drawn into the title track which starts with an initial blast of vitriolic hatred. One of the greatest strengths of the music in this album is that while it may reference Norse Svarteness (esp in "From Dawn to Death" with its "Under a Funeral Moon" chorus drum beat) or the Suicidal BM movement, it never comes across as derivative. Norsecore it certainly is not! Veering from blasting to dirge the music still maintains an aura of bleakness for every note played. Sure it may not be reinventing the wheel, but much like Fluisterwoud's great "Langs Galg En Rad" album, the genius of Luror lies with the total conviction in the delivery of the material. The fact that its played by a talented musician who doesn't feel the need to show off his prowess every song is a welcome bonus. You only need to hear the acoustic guitar of "In a Room in Hell" or the extremely killer solo at the end of "Among the Hills, War is Raging" to hear the skill levels that are often absent in many other BM releases. There is always momentum within the songs, mixing simple riffs with more intricate passages in a manner that is coherent to the listener. These are songs, not just a collection of random riffs thrown together. The vocals also have that possessed edge only the best BM seems to produce these days.

Listening to the album you get the impression that Unhold crafted every riff and section meticulously, the arrangements are superb. Mixing the shorter (2 minute-rs) and longer (7+ minute-rs) tracks up gives the album a great flow. The production is clear without being clean. The guitars have bite to them but it certainly isn't raw. It is an excellent production that compliments the music well.

It took me several years to finally track this beast of an album down...but it was totally worth the wait! I would put Luror up there with Katharsis as the best BM coming from Germany currently, the track included on the Tormenting Legends 2 compilations shows the flame is burning brighter than ever for Luror