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Album of the Year? Hey, why not? - 96%

Zorn7, September 10th, 2006

When I heard this album it was the 3rd new album for the day I was listening to. I was always sceptic about "Gothic Metal" genrew with female vocals so I thought "OK, just another Nightwish copy or something". But I started listening, expecting some boring awfully screaming wolf-woman. Hm, it didn't start like that.

01. Introduction --- In 99% of the cases I skip the intros but here the story made me listen to it. Nice male voice explaining something about infinity, it was somehow cool to listen to that, I even started thinking (!) about these mathematical expressions and stuff.

02. The Edge of Infinity --- Hey, that one starts powerful. Very good and clear, crystal sound, nice electronic samples. And the singer started singing. Wow, here was the point I decided that I HAVE TO listen this album to the end. Great voice, this girl blew me away! Very good opening song - lots of energy. In the end I was pleased. Very, very pleased.

03. Sons of the Wind --- The slow piano in the beginning made me think "Ballad? Oh no, so soon?" but the next sounds gave me the hope for something more. Yes, here are the guitars, the drums, a little electronic sample and yes, it's not a ballad. Nice verse, catchy chorus, blah blah, and solo! Well, just great! The end with the backing vocals was even greater!

04. Who You Are? --- OK, a ballad. I gave it to some friends and they said "Oh, is this a new Evanesence's song?" but if you forget about Evanescence (the song is far from Evanescence) you'll understand that this is one deep and touchy song, I already know the lyrics, hehe. You have to hear it and feel it, musically it's once again great, the backing vocals fill perfectly and make the song twice better.

05. Out! --- Another fav song from this album. I'm sure you can hear this song on the radio sometimes, it sounds so commercial... but I don't really care 'bout this, Andrea sings amazing, one of the songs where she sings the best! The electronic once again fits perfectly in this album.

06. Song For You --- After Helloween's "Don't Stop Being Crazy" I put this song at 2nd place for best "friendship song". I can't recognize who the male vocalist is but his voice sounds familiar to me. Doesn't matter, anyway, this song is ready to be played on the commercial TVs. A very nice rock song with awesome lyrics. Must hear!

07. Together --- I needed this song. Symphonic/Power Metal with female vocals, backing vocals again (another type this time). After the verse there's a small slow part followed by another verse... in fact the slow part was a chorus, blah... another verse... I miss something in this song, and this is a real chorus but it's good anyway.

08. The Power of Love --- Another ballad? I would throw up if it was another band with 3rd ballad in an album with 9 clear songs but this is Lunatica and it didn't happen! I can't explain you well how good this song is, you just have to hear it. Andrea sings amazing for 937456394th time.

09. Words Unleashed --- Another powerful song on the horizon. Awesome synth sounds in the beginning, followed by powerful riff. Verse without guitar, with more synth which I really really liked! Another fav song! Catchy song, you can't stay on your desk and dig your nose while listening to this rhytmic song with its catchy melody!

10. Emocean --- When I see "emo" I start searching for my gun. For some reason I didn't shoot the speakers, maybe 'cause I remembered which album I'm listening to. A game of words - Emocean. Wow. In fact, a bit sissy but who cares? Olver Hartmann? I can't remember from where I know this name... Anyway. This song is too long to explain you what happens in every moment of it but - it's different than enerything else in this album which doesn't stops it to be very good.

In the end, I think this might be really considered as an "Album of the Year" but unfortunately there are not many people who know/like this band. Great 3rd release, I'm looking forward for further stuff from this awesome band!