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I think I'm going to be sick - 9%

TommyA, February 17th, 2007

Lunatica have hit rock bottom. They went from powerful, atmospheric metal, to bubble-gum girly pop crap. This embarrassment to gothic metal is now officially the lowest rated album from any of my reviews.

You can tell that Lunatica forgot about metal when you look at some of the song titles. As a gothic metal fan, when I looked at the back of the CD and saw titles like "Song for You", "Together", "Power of Love" and "Emocean" I was sure that I'd be wasting my money if I bought the album. However, since it was from the same band that released the epic "Fables & Dreams", I gave it a shot. However, I wish I hadn't. I was shocked how a band with such potential reached a level where they have to fill their albums with songs about love.

Well, let's start with the one and only thing that this album has at a decent level; the title track. Not to write a track by track review, but I have to describe the track that made me give this album a 9 instead of a 1. The track opens with very good drumming that gets heavier until the whole band is playing. Andrea starts singing lyrics which are pretty similar to the fantasy-filled ones on "Fables & Dreams". It keeps on going until a slight pause towards the third minute, where there is an explosion and the chorus starts again at a fast pace. I find this song to be of the same amazing level as all ten songs on "Fables & Dreams"

Now, the bad things are the other 9 tracks; whether it's the two-minute boring speech of "Introduction", or whether it's the excessive commercial sound on "Out!”. I hate to use this term, but these guys have become sell-outs in every possible way. There's no passion in their music anymore. Even Andrea’s singing in forced.

In conclusion, if you hear this, you'll label Within Temptation's "The Silent Force" as heavy metal. This is not metal. It's an album released only for money, with no effort whatsoever. Even though the title track is very well done, it's still not enough to save this album from being the worst gothic metal album I’ve ever heard.