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The metal expression of love! - 98%

Daniel_2007_Pendulum, February 27th, 2008

For the typical metal fans, this album completely sucks; but for those ones who are looking for something else, for something different in the metal world, there are good news: this album exists, and fits very well to the demands.

Unlike "Fables and Dreams", the lyrics of the album are more soild and more mature, and fit more to the music. Through the album, we can find many fast songs and many lovely ballads that combine almost perfectly, filling the album with the well-known "Lunatica style".

Lunatica proves once more a peviously useen skill for singing about love in more ways than any other metal band had ever tried. This time, I can identify six of seven different ways in different songs.

But, luckily, not all the songs of the album talk about love, making it more attractive to many people. These songs talk about quests and successes, but mantaining the "white" atmosphere of the album. This makes them fit perfectly on the album.

There are many outstanding songs of the album, but these ones are the best you can find: "Who You Are", "Emocean" (both versions: the normal version and the version with Oliver Hartmann as guest vocals), "Song of You", and of course the best song of the album, "Sons of The Wind" (that is also my favorite).

CONCLUSION: If you're not looknig for variety, foget about this album and live as if it had never existed. But, if you like Lunatica, of if you're just looking for something fresh and new, then this album has been made for you. I'm sure you won't get disappointed.