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Pillows of infinite wonder - 54%

Liquid_Braino, September 25th, 2012

I have to almost congratulate bands that are somehow able to successfully nix the certainty that the 1990s actually happened, at least concerning the music scene. What an album like this sounds like though is not a retro-1980s homage per se, but rather what the average everyday rock band could possibly sound like in the mid 2000s on a global scale if Nirvana, Pearl Jam and all their mopey friends didn't go ahead and spoil the party by introducing heroin to all the wine cooler drinkers. The sound is rich, lush, the production is tight, and nowhere in this album is there a shred of irony, knowing winks or sarcasm. The Edge Of Infinity is about the conquest of knowledge, love and might, and it's no laughing matter. A trying and occasionally painful matter, but overwhelmingly humorless.

As a metal album, it barely passes the volume muster, with the title track providing the one cut that could help provide an inspiring boost for metalheads to climb that mountain, as long as the mountain is grassy and not too high. Plenty of double bass thumping and grandiose bombast from all instruments cascade from the heavens to fill the hearts of those seeking the truth about infinity and existence bearing the fruit by in which they can nourish and replenish their fortitude in the face of adversity. The glorious bluster of this track follows an intro that recalls to my mind The Moody Blues at their most pompous, spouting existential hilarity over a droning backdrop before sending us off on the greatest journey we've ever made, according to the rambling old sage during the introduction.

Yet despite my general respect for bands like this, the journey isn't all that exceptional. Lots of grassy fields, some rolling hills, a couple of piles of donkey shit on the road and an occasional pumpkin patch sums up the experience of traversing the entire effort Lunatica offers us. The drums are well played but mixed in a slightly tempered and low fashion to sap some much needed power out of the proceedings, and symphonic keyboards provide most of the melodies enabling the two guitarists to take things easy and just chug along and toss in a few chord progressions and melodies when their asses don't need scratching. Singer Andrea is given the royal treatment production-wise, with her voice clearly up front and decipherable, for better or worse depending on your acknowledgement concerning the "power of love". As a singer, her style suits the 'poppier' songs here quite well, but lacks that certain level of potency and skill to add an extra layer of swagger to the few heavy tracks.

Some songs on this journey are stumbling blocks so potent that only those who can stand stoically in the face of a relentless surge of maple syrup should make the bold attempt to put up with this madness. Songs like "Who You Are" and "The Power Of Love" are not trying experiences because they cater to REO Speedwagon fans. They simply are not catchy, well written songs no matter what target audience they are aiming for. "Song For You" is some next level abomination though. A power ballad duet with John Payne, this track reeks of insipidness to the point where even John's fellow band members in day job Asia would blush at this melodramatic display of soppy musical theatre.

The Edge Of Infinity avoids being a complete lost cause after the title track thanks to the borderline passable "Sons Of The Wind", "Together" with it's warrior stance complete with corny sword-clashing sound effects, and the genuinely entertaining "Words Unleashed", my personal favorite and a song that provides enough positive reinforcement in me to successfully repair my garbage disposal without flooding the kitchen floor. "EmOcean" is probably the most interesting track, and not merely because of its stupid name, but the way it shifts from a melodic pop metal ditty to a borderline prog metal immersement at around the halfway point. It's a pretty daring move that deserves merit, although the first half of that tune is actually the catchiest portion of this album, and probably would have been a better 'single' release than much of the cloying AOR rubbish, or the lone atrocious 'alternative' tune entitled "Out!". As a bonus track, "EmOcean" is repeated, this time adding Oliver Hartmann to croon along with Andrea's vocal track without adding much to the overall presentation of the song. It wasn't needed, but neither were a lot of other things within this release, so it's not much of a knock to the album's quality by that point.

If you are willing to embrace the power of love and reach for the sky alongside the "Sons of the Wind", then raise your sword, go forth and scoff at those who mock the true though not exactly strident symphonic metal kingdoms, and blast The Edge Of Infinity from your rooftop and ruin your foolish next-door neighbor's cookout party. As for me, I'd rather take a nap.

The metal expression of love! - 98%

Daniel_2007_Pendulum, February 27th, 2008

For the typical metal fans, this album completely sucks; but for those ones who are looking for something else, for something different in the metal world, there are good news: this album exists, and fits very well to the demands.

Unlike "Fables and Dreams", the lyrics of the album are more soild and more mature, and fit more to the music. Through the album, we can find many fast songs and many lovely ballads that combine almost perfectly, filling the album with the well-known "Lunatica style".

Lunatica proves once more a peviously useen skill for singing about love in more ways than any other metal band had ever tried. This time, I can identify six of seven different ways in different songs.

But, luckily, not all the songs of the album talk about love, making it more attractive to many people. These songs talk about quests and successes, but mantaining the "white" atmosphere of the album. This makes them fit perfectly on the album.

There are many outstanding songs of the album, but these ones are the best you can find: "Who You Are", "Emocean" (both versions: the normal version and the version with Oliver Hartmann as guest vocals), "Song of You", and of course the best song of the album, "Sons of The Wind" (that is also my favorite).

CONCLUSION: If you're not looknig for variety, foget about this album and live as if it had never existed. But, if you like Lunatica, of if you're just looking for something fresh and new, then this album has been made for you. I'm sure you won't get disappointed.

I think I'm going to be sick - 9%

TommyA, February 17th, 2007

Lunatica have hit rock bottom. They went from powerful, atmospheric metal, to bubble-gum girly pop crap. This embarrassment to gothic metal is now officially the lowest rated album from any of my reviews.

You can tell that Lunatica forgot about metal when you look at some of the song titles. As a gothic metal fan, when I looked at the back of the CD and saw titles like "Song for You", "Together", "Power of Love" and "Emocean" I was sure that I'd be wasting my money if I bought the album. However, since it was from the same band that released the epic "Fables & Dreams", I gave it a shot. However, I wish I hadn't. I was shocked how a band with such potential reached a level where they have to fill their albums with songs about love.

Well, let's start with the one and only thing that this album has at a decent level; the title track. Not to write a track by track review, but I have to describe the track that made me give this album a 9 instead of a 1. The track opens with very good drumming that gets heavier until the whole band is playing. Andrea starts singing lyrics which are pretty similar to the fantasy-filled ones on "Fables & Dreams". It keeps on going until a slight pause towards the third minute, where there is an explosion and the chorus starts again at a fast pace. I find this song to be of the same amazing level as all ten songs on "Fables & Dreams"

Now, the bad things are the other 9 tracks; whether it's the two-minute boring speech of "Introduction", or whether it's the excessive commercial sound on "Out!”. I hate to use this term, but these guys have become sell-outs in every possible way. There's no passion in their music anymore. Even Andrea’s singing in forced.

In conclusion, if you hear this, you'll label Within Temptation's "The Silent Force" as heavy metal. This is not metal. It's an album released only for money, with no effort whatsoever. Even though the title track is very well done, it's still not enough to save this album from being the worst gothic metal album I’ve ever heard.

Album of the Year? Hey, why not? - 96%

Zorn7, September 10th, 2006

When I heard this album it was the 3rd new album for the day I was listening to. I was always sceptic about "Gothic Metal" genrew with female vocals so I thought "OK, just another Nightwish copy or something". But I started listening, expecting some boring awfully screaming wolf-woman. Hm, it didn't start like that.

01. Introduction --- In 99% of the cases I skip the intros but here the story made me listen to it. Nice male voice explaining something about infinity, it was somehow cool to listen to that, I even started thinking (!) about these mathematical expressions and stuff.

02. The Edge of Infinity --- Hey, that one starts powerful. Very good and clear, crystal sound, nice electronic samples. And the singer started singing. Wow, here was the point I decided that I HAVE TO listen this album to the end. Great voice, this girl blew me away! Very good opening song - lots of energy. In the end I was pleased. Very, very pleased.

03. Sons of the Wind --- The slow piano in the beginning made me think "Ballad? Oh no, so soon?" but the next sounds gave me the hope for something more. Yes, here are the guitars, the drums, a little electronic sample and yes, it's not a ballad. Nice verse, catchy chorus, blah blah, and solo! Well, just great! The end with the backing vocals was even greater!

04. Who You Are? --- OK, a ballad. I gave it to some friends and they said "Oh, is this a new Evanesence's song?" but if you forget about Evanescence (the song is far from Evanescence) you'll understand that this is one deep and touchy song, I already know the lyrics, hehe. You have to hear it and feel it, musically it's once again great, the backing vocals fill perfectly and make the song twice better.

05. Out! --- Another fav song from this album. I'm sure you can hear this song on the radio sometimes, it sounds so commercial... but I don't really care 'bout this, Andrea sings amazing, one of the songs where she sings the best! The electronic once again fits perfectly in this album.

06. Song For You --- After Helloween's "Don't Stop Being Crazy" I put this song at 2nd place for best "friendship song". I can't recognize who the male vocalist is but his voice sounds familiar to me. Doesn't matter, anyway, this song is ready to be played on the commercial TVs. A very nice rock song with awesome lyrics. Must hear!

07. Together --- I needed this song. Symphonic/Power Metal with female vocals, backing vocals again (another type this time). After the verse there's a small slow part followed by another verse... in fact the slow part was a chorus, blah... another verse... I miss something in this song, and this is a real chorus but it's good anyway.

08. The Power of Love --- Another ballad? I would throw up if it was another band with 3rd ballad in an album with 9 clear songs but this is Lunatica and it didn't happen! I can't explain you well how good this song is, you just have to hear it. Andrea sings amazing for 937456394th time.

09. Words Unleashed --- Another powerful song on the horizon. Awesome synth sounds in the beginning, followed by powerful riff. Verse without guitar, with more synth which I really really liked! Another fav song! Catchy song, you can't stay on your desk and dig your nose while listening to this rhytmic song with its catchy melody!

10. Emocean --- When I see "emo" I start searching for my gun. For some reason I didn't shoot the speakers, maybe 'cause I remembered which album I'm listening to. A game of words - Emocean. Wow. In fact, a bit sissy but who cares? Olver Hartmann? I can't remember from where I know this name... Anyway. This song is too long to explain you what happens in every moment of it but - it's different than enerything else in this album which doesn't stops it to be very good.

In the end, I think this might be really considered as an "Album of the Year" but unfortunately there are not many people who know/like this band. Great 3rd release, I'm looking forward for further stuff from this awesome band!