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Old Shores - 40%

Daru_Jericho, June 16th, 2009

After three years, Switzerland’s Lunatica return to the metal scene with their fourth full-length effort. This symphonic metal band have been gathering attention over the years and undoubtedly benefited from the female-fronted metal band phase after Nightwish and Within Temptation smashed into the mainstream a couple of years ago.

‘New Shores’ is an album that will probably not appease most metal fans. Symphonic metal is probably the metal subgenre that leans closest to pop music. Lunatica have always retained a pop sound but this album is more evident than previous efforts. It appears the band juxtapose their soft passages with heavy fragments like the near-thrash metal riff on ‘The Chosen Ones’ and the dramatic section of ‘Into the Dissonance’.

‘New Shores’ is an unmemorable release. There is a modern rock edge that is corrosive to the metal nature of this release and the title track is the best opener for this. Andrea Dätwyler’s vocals feel forced and emotionless. The techno stylings of this album, as on ‘The Incredibles’, seem amateur consisting of damaging, syncopated drum beats. This begs the question as to why the band has a drummer in their ranks.

Overall, this album is to Lunatica what ‘The Silent Force’ is to ‘Within Temptation’. Although the production is sleek, the album is strikingly predictable and after three years one would expect the band to concoct new ideas.

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