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Brace yourselves for this JOKE! - 29%

BudDa, October 30th, 2009

These guys can't be serious. Is New Shores supposed to be some kind of BIG JOKE?! Probably Lunatica undermined the opposition or because this album was released early this year(February 27th), they couldn't have anticipated just how big 2009 would turn out for Metal. I am starting to think thats the only valid reason Lunatica can come up with for this latest piece of Laughter. Its totally uninspired, lame and almost not worthy to even be called a heavy metal release.

I have always known of Lunatica's pop-tendencies. I mean, these were all over their previous album for everyone to see. That has never really bothered me until this release. However, that would have been an entirely different issue cause then I wouldn't have bothered to write this review. But the thing that pains me most about New Shores, in addition to the overt pop sound, is that the album consists of 1 heavy riff. Yes, u heard me fucking riff on the entire bloody album. In addition, one has to strain to hear this riff; But the WTF moment..the extreme low point on this album is when that only riff is either suppressed by some techno bullshit or ruined by synth.

Take an example of Incredibles, which would have been a lovely track cause its one of the few times when they decided to play some metal though only in flashes. There is supposed to be a hook at the end of the line in the chorus "...your time is running..". Actually, there is a hook at the end of that line..only that I couldn't fucking hear it. It took me about 5 fucking listens to figure it out. The next track is even worse. The heavy riff is there at the beginning only for it to be smothered by some techno shit..its so awful that even the wonderful solo played thereafter cannot save the music from the damage already done. The solo also on Into the Dissonance is bit too little too late and the track Winds of Heaven sounds like something that would give anything out of a Hillsong cd a run for its fucking money.

The vocalist does her thing I suppose but on a record as flat and mundane as this one, one can only do so much. This is a bad performance by this Swiss sextet. I don't care whether this is was intended for the mainstream folk or for the core melodic metal fans with an open minded opinion and eclectic taste. This is a bad record PERIOD!