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A masterpiece from this unknown band - 93%

TommyA, December 17th, 2006

After listening to their debut album, "Atlantis", I was a bit skeptical about buying this album. You see, "Atlantis" had potential, yet was ruined by bad production. Here, you can tell that Lunatica have established their sound, and it's quite an appealing one.

The lyrics, as you can tell from the album title, are mostly about dreams and fantasy. You can also realize from some of the song titles. Personally, I don't mind, but some people might find it stupid to hear verses like; "At the end we will be heroes" or "Treasures and gold even a million miles away".

When it comes to vocals, I cannot ask more of Andrea. Cristina Scabbia definitely has some competition. In songs like “Elements” or “Still Believe”, her voice really stands out.

Unlike most gothic metal bands out there, Lunatica doesn’t use male vocals very frequently. They are actually heard only on 2 songs; "Fable of Dreams" and "The Spell". However, the male voice isn't very harsh, so I agree with the fact that it should be seldom heard.

All tracks are above average. The weakest is the remake of "Silent Scream", which I would give a six out of ten. The others are superior. Personal favorites are "Avalon", "Still Believe", "Hymn" and "Little Moment of Desperation"

I want to point out that even if you hated their previous album, you won't hate this. Lunatica sound more mature here. And, if you should buy their latest release, buy it only for the title track. The rest is all pop. This is the only Lunatica album you should buy.

Even though Lunatica's style is unique and unlike that of other bands, fans of Nightwish, Lacuna Coil or Epica will enjoy this album. I'd also recommend this band to anyone who's new to gothic metal, since their music is very easy-listening. Seriously, anyone who appreciates good music will enjoy this.