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Hang on, this is metal? - 53%

Random5, August 27th, 2007

I'll preface this review by stating I have not listened to any of Lunatica's other albums yet, and this album has left me trying to decide whether or not I will. While technically the production and songwriting on this album is rather good, the album as a whole leaves me with a feeling of irritation rather than enjoyment whenever I attempt to listen to it as a whole. Each song reeks with sentiment of love, hope, faith and in general what I'll lump together as 'hippie crap'. It feels like this artist started out as a symphonic metal band writing a symphonic metal album until they 'found god' partway writing and recording. What it technically good metal turns a backflip and into something else through overuse of major keys and vocals which would be more at home in a pop act. 'Silent Scream' reeks of insincerity as respectably gothic lyrics are sung in what could be described as a passing or cheerful manner. 'Still Believe' starts out with a strong introduction but becomes a bizarre juxtaposition of strong metal-style guitar and pop act vocals.

My misgivings of the subject and style of this album aside, fans of the symphonic metal genre should definitly look into Lunatica. They show themselves to be capable of writing technically good songs, but those looking for something metal may well be disappointed with this album and perhaps this artist. Personally, I might purchase another album if it was out on the cheap table.