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Questionably one of the best in symphonic metal - 100%

Desertcry, April 18th, 2007

When I first heard Lunatica on Epic Rock Radio, an online station, I had to buy the CD and give it a full listen.

My first thoughts were, "Man, the introduction is too long and the songs are average." However, I kept giving it more and more listens and it grew on me becoming one of my favorite albums of all time.

I enjoy the long introduction now and the way "Avalon" begins right afterward is perfect.

This album is heavier, more energitic, and of course better produced than their first album "Atlantis."

Even though there are hints of Nightwish and Epica in this band, Lunatica still has their separate style. Andrea is not operatic in style but more contemporary with a strong voice. In fact, from all the bands with a similar style, there is not a singer that sounds like Andrea. Some may say that she has a hint of Stevie Nicks in her voice, but it isn't as deep and harsh.

I'd have to say Lunatica's strength is in their song writing itself. They are all talented musicians, but nothing really exceptional. There are good guitar licks in this album such as in the song "Still Believe," yet there is no shredding. I find shredding guitars unnecessary in an album that is so well put together.

The keyboards are bold and strong in this album. They give the album tons of flavor and leave no room for cheesiness as is the case with some of the other metal bands that attempt to add keyboards and fail.

The middle of the album is the strongest with songs like "Still Believe," "The Spell" and "The Never Ending Story." "The Spell" has an interesting blend of harmonizing male vocals and at one point, a tad bit of death metal style vocals can be heard harmonizing with Andrea.

This album doesn't get boring. I highly recommended to those that are into atmospheric/symphonic metal with female vocals. Give 'em a listen on myspace.