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Eh... - 70%

Xeper, May 17th, 2003

Maybe it'll grow on me. But so far, after spinning this album a few times, all I hear is Arcturus with less electronics and more Dimmu Borgir style keyboards and shrieks. I only like some of Arcturus's stuff, and am not really a Dimmu Borgir fan. So maybe I'm kind of biased. But all these songs have the standard cool little neoclassical keyboard lead, cheesy keyboard chords as they break into heavily triggered blastbeats and monotonous shrieking, and uninspired riffing. Only thing about this album I really dig is the lead guitar work. Sometimes they'll just break out into an almost Maiden-esque dual melody, which certainly helps. Also, the soloing is generally very classy and cool. Still, this album all kind of blurs together, and while I think they still have some very good ideas, they pretty much bled these few ideas dry trying to stretch them out into a whole album. They probably could've taken the material on here and crafted a very good and progressive EP, but this album simply gets lost in the huge foray of electronic neoclassical black metal bands which seems to be all the rage right now. Another oversaturated field, much like Gothenburg. This one unfortunately doesn't stand out from the pack by much, but I certainly hear potential.