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Inspiring Dreams and Nightmares - 85%

nvathron, January 12th, 2008

I learned of Lunar Aurora from a friend who showed me "Elixir of Sorrow". I was blown away by tracks such as "Zorn aus Äonen" and "Hier Und Jetzt". Lunar Aurora has a very powerful and evil sound of their own by what I have heard. Nothing ,however, could prepare me for some of the work presented in this work. The production work is definitely the best Lunar Aurora has had by far. All the trakc s are really amazing but a couple definitely stand out to me.

"Glück" being the opening track might just steal the entire CD to be quite honest. For the first time, I actually sense a great Mjolnir (German NS) inspiration by the judge of male voices and keyboards. The drumming is just incredible on this song and flow perfectly with the riffs. The chorus is unbelievable with the male voices, keyboards, guitars, and all the other fixings to create an evil and overpowering sound.The song deserves a place in any body's collection of amazing black metal songs.

"Das Ende" is the ending track, of course, and ends definitely with a sound to remember. The track had been used to promote the album in a few live video ads online. Tretcherous howls can be heard from Whyrhd, Lunar Aurora's last vocalist. I cannot express how awesome the clean yet rough male shouting vocals sound. The flames through the storm never die in this work. It is definitely a great way to go out, like the review stated.

The band is currently inactive and leave only a minor possibilities and great hopes for they are definitely a defining and powerful sound in the black metal world.