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It's all about the atmosphere - 98%

Arsenicum, June 29th, 2007

As you can read on the band page, Lunar Aurora is currently on hold, Andacht being the latest (and last?) album. What better way say goodbye (for now), with the masterpiece of their opus.

Andacht is definately one of the most eerie sounding black metal albums in my collection, with a lot of eye for details. Every song on this album is a masterpiece on his own, with the addition of subtile keyboards and soundeffects. For example: on Geisterschiff, you can hear the sounds of cracking wood, just as it would sound on an old rotten ship, masterfully integrated into the music. On Dunkler Mann, you can hear a child whispering at the beginning of the song: "Stay out of this one", and halfway you can hear the child being hacked to pieces without being a splatter/gore cliche. Throughout the entire album, it is the addition of the keyboards which complete the songs, without dominating the them.

As usual, the songs of Lunar Aurora on Andacht are quite long, and clock over 7 minutes each , with lots of killer riffs, shreeking vocals, interesting machine-like drums and subtile keyboards additions, as can be heard on the already mentioned Dunkler Mann. Next to this song, the absolute highlight for me is the song Findling, with one of the most evil sounding " choruses" in black-metal history.

Andacht certainly deserves some hours of listening as it will take some time to get into the songs. The album grows stronger and stronger with every listening session. And that is exactly the strength of Lunar Aurora. The album ends with the somewhat melancholic Das Ende, of which we can only hope that it will not be the last we will hear from this intelligent black metalband.