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Lunar Aurora - Andacht - 90%

AnInsidiousMind, January 7th, 2008

Lunar Aurora is a black metal band from Germany and originally started out as a brutal step from Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse, but have progressed into an ambient black metal band. This album is a bit closer has a more sinister/dark and depressing atmosphere compared to their previous works in this style (Mond, Zyklus, and Elixir of Sorrow), but it works incredibly well.

The album uses ambient passes at the start of the some of the songs, yet also uses keyboards/electronics to create a bleak atmosphere from the fore ground of rumbling riffs and the attack of clean, lower growls, and shrieked vocals. The album is composed into six tracks that have a different approach, but all of the tracks keep the sinister atmosphere; also, the contrast between the riffing, drumming, and vocals make the dark atmosphere. The band can be playing a slow steel picked riffs, blasting drums, and clean vocals, which are all done in way to make smooth transitions through the songs. Though the album is a lot of droning by the guitars and drumming, there are parts kind of similar to Darkspace where a riff will come out and punch you in the face.

If you want to go on a dark voyage of about an hour, listen to this album.