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Debut work from new raw atmo-BM duo with a lot of talent and potential - 70%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, October 12th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Lunam Niveis is a new duo from Ground Zero of Canadian raw atmospheric BM aka Quebec but you'd never know from their debut recording "Hydria" that they were both still teenagers when they released this work. In just three tracks, mostly instrumental, musicians Caleb Simard and Nicholas Landry-L'Heureux – incidentally heureux is French for "happy", I just thought you'd all want to know – pour intense feeling and emotion too strong or deep for words to express into the music and it all either rushes out or oozes slowly under severe pressure. The production may be basic but it's clear enough that you can hear how consistent and good the two musicians are technically, and already have a good ear for distinct and catchy melodies. They also mixed and recorded this demo, and in doing this they show a good grasp of what recording tricks and effects they need to give their music some depth so it doesn't come out sounding flat and lifeless. Though they play all instruments on the three tracks on the "Hydria" demo, I'd say Simard is the lead guitarist on these pieces (I've seen him playing lead guitar on the "Hyaline Wormhole Guitar" video uploaded by Vitrified Entity on Youtube) and already he has potential as a virtuoso shredder.

Opener "Cavea" is a fast restless piece of ever-changing riffs and rhythms, some of which are memorable enough that they really deserve to be stars in their own songs – the most memorable of these is a shrill lead guitar melody loop that appears early in the song and then back near the end. "Vesperis" starts as a more trudging, depressive track of noisier raw BM grind, topped by miserable shrieks in the distant background but later transforms into a more epic work where fast speedy BM and blackened doom compete for attention with runaway lead guitar scrabble and crashing percussion. The moods on this track are very mixed, ranging from near hysteria to blacker-than-black brooding bordering on serial-killer crazy, so strong are the contrasts between the various riff passages that come pow-pow-pow after each other right up to the end. "Sine Claustra" appears more introspective and deliberate than the others despite also being a string of riff pieces structurally.

Yes the tracks give the impression of being experiments in pacing, using rhythms and riffs to create and sustain particular moods and emotional states. Perhaps the Lunam Niveis musicians still have a lot to learn about song composition and how to combine riffs and rhythms to generate the exact moods and atmospheres they want and stick with them. Playing together more might help the duo form a tighter unit, able to guess and anticipate one another's intentions, and develop a distinct style and sound. "Hydria" comes across as a set of exercises that will come in handy as a foundation for longer and more complex songs in which the riffs and lead guitar solos featured on "Hydria" will be more developed, and the emotions and atmospheres within them at last fully expressed.