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Completely Crazy - 75%

demonomania, June 1st, 2005

After hearing a lot about this disc, I decided to buy it. And while I can't say that I'm disappointed, I don't think it will be in the regular rotation. Why? Because the whole thing is about 13 minutes long - and that 13 minutes is completely filled with crazy.

This disc jumps from one grinding, nutty riff and time change to the next faster than the average human can comprehend, and when mixed in samples of demonic child laughter and the like are mixed in, it makes for a very disjointed listening experience. Still, the off-the-wall-bonkers attitude does make it fun to put on and just marvel to for its duration at how much crack these guys must have smoked before setting fire to whatever recording studio they were in.

Musically, I would say it is a mix between grindcore and metalcore - it sounds like Converge meeting Pig Destroyer butting heads in a back alley and no one emerging alive after a thirteen minute knife fight. So check it out, just don't expect a long and meaningful experience.

This is NOT metalcore.. - 87%

Sportswear, March 10th, 2004

Fast, manic and utterly brilliant. The vocals are intense and have good variation between a bellowing shouted roar that goes up and down into screams etc.
The drumming is fantastic and suits the music brilliantly. This is a very professionally made CD. The time changes are great and are what makes the band. The guitar work is simple for the most part, but still interesting and played brilliantly. The style of music isn't so easy to put a finger on, a lot lump it in the Metalcore genre, which is bullshit cause the musicianship here surpasses the standard metalcore band’s yawncore style. This is tightly fused together, with both a brilliant vocalist and drummer. Which is sometimes a rare medium, for the scene it is in.
The first track, “Bottom King” starts with a nice bit of drumming, stops then goes into all out manic blasting with great vocals over the top. The tempo and speed of the songs changes so well throughout, making it great fun to listen to.
The 2nd song, “Circle Template” has a lovely breakdown a minute in, that is soon complimented by the vocals. The next song, “Arthropod”, seems to be the song that is maybe considered the “classic” (or I might be talking out of my arse, shut up, no I‘m not), as it starts off with a catchy riff and stays the most simple song throughout, ending with a typical breakdown (which isn’t bad, but doesn’t make me want to “bust a move”).

This CD is the perfect example of fairly simple music (hmm, not the drumming though, far from simple) made incredibly well, therefore the intense and manic feel it gives off.
Shame they split up before I could see them live :(
Oh well. Go fucking check it out.