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Brilliant for what it is... - 86%

Sportswear, March 31st, 2004

Yeah, I heard from a few people this Split was either "shit" or "boring", so I decided to see for myself. Bullshit, it's pretty fucking tight. I feel sorry for these two bands for being given the "(insert gay word)core" tag. They are both beyond this label at times (though BBTS's last 2/3 releases were pretty weak). There is a perfect song amount, 3 songs each. The song structure from both bands is brilliant, nothing is too long or over done, it is straight to the point. Both bands are good musicians, not exactly pushing the envelope in extreme musicianship, but seriously testing my ability to resist bobbing my head to the music. Heh.
I think overall, Luddite/Clone are the much better band, time change and music writing galore, with fantastic breaks and cuts in the music. BBTS are the band for people who like it more groovy/simplistic, which is cool, but not always my thing. I like their contribution though (As I do their first EP).

The Split starts with BBTS's singer roaring over silence. He has an interesting voice, a bellowing roar that is only similar to one other singer I can think of, Sean Ingram, EX Coalesce. The song is simple paced, simple riff work but generally pretty good. The drumming that drops off of the vocals is fucking brilliant. Dave Witte totally holding back what he can do (which is a fucking lot) for this band. The groove/tempo changes throughout this song is/are great.
The next song "Blowjob City" is pretty much the same, but with a great breakdown style outro.
The next song doesn't stick out so much, but the drumming is fucking brilliant once again.

Now Luddite/Clone's turn. :D. The first song "Bohemiath", drops off of a spoken sample. Great vocals, drumming with breaks and changes in the music. The song goes on and on and gets better and better. A few cheeky stops and starts that avoid the gay mall cliche. There are no certain parts to the song that sticks out, which makes it great because the whole song is just great.
Brilliant guitar work at the end of "Lemmings and Leeches", that entwines with a short spoken sample which drops onto the next song brilliantly.

The next song being "Acidcop", which is a fusion of manic guitaring and tempo changes galore. This is a great fucking Split.

Go and fucking check this little beauty out..