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Malditos Humanos - 79%

Spatupon, May 19th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Morbid Shrine Productions

Lucifuego is a band that I have come across several times, but I never actually got around to checking them out. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon their new extended-play called "Malditos Humanos". These Spanish maniacs play a very thrash and NWOBHM inspired brand of black metal. Unfortunately, this release contains only four tracks and lasts about fifteen minutes in total. Apparently, this band has been around since the early 1990s, however, I haven't come across any credible source to confirm whether this is actually true.

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter. The first song "Oh Diosa" starts of this release incredibly well. The guitarist plays a very cool, yet grim chord progression which reminds me a lot of Venom and Satyricon.The vocalist sounds like a possessed soul screaming for clemency from his infernal master, Satan. At the start of the track, the vocalist uses some sort of vocal effects which sounded truly otherworldly and made the song even more interesting. The second track is a straight-up second-wave of black metal-worshipping track. The pace on this one is very fast and the track doesn't feel quite as punk-ish and crusty as its predecessor, however, it is quite a decent standard black metal track. It doesn't say anything much, but it makes this album feel more like a straight-up black metal release more than anything else.

The other two tracks, in my opinion, represent the more sinister and darker side of the release. The third track, called "La Bruja" is in my opinion, the best track on this release. It starts out on a very sombre note and slowly climaxes into a full-on assault, very similar to something Marduk or Taake would produce. The guitarist also gives his best performance on this track. The solo near the end of the track sounds fucking amazing, even though its quite short. The track contains some limited keyboard presence. Fortunately, they're mixed well and fit perfectly within the entire tapestry of the release. The synths truly give this song a surreal vibe, however, when it comes to surreal vibes, the last track definitely fits the mold perfectly. The fourth and last track on this extended play, bears the same name as the release, and serves as a perfect ending to this rather interesting release. On "Malditos Humanos", the keyboards occupy a central role. The pacing on this track is very timid by black metal standards, however, the guitar-work and stellar vocal performance give the song an incredible depth which usually goes unnoticed.

The production on this extended play is crystal-clear and each instrument is mixed well. When taken as a whole, this release contains a lot of different black metal motifs that are rarely usually associated with each other. On this release you have influences ranging from ambient black to hardcore punk to black n' roll. If you're looking for some interesting black metal with a very hardcore punk attitude with traditional black metal aesthetics, look no further than Lucifuego's recent release "Malditos Humanos"