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Finally another Luciferion offering - 71%

PainMiseryDeath, November 21st, 2003

First of all, a 7 year wait untill releasing an album is far too long! Too bad really, Luciferion kills. Secondly, there are only a four songs of new material on this album, the rest consisting of a hyper speed cover of Celtic Frost's Circle of the Tyrants, and then five songs taken from their 1994 demo tape. While the new songs have added a lot more speed, almost everything has stayed the same since last time. Technically flawless, not too complex songs, and laced with keyboards. Blast beats lead to breakdowns and can sometimes be a little catchy. Riff after riff, solo after solo, song after song, this album does not dissapoint. The production on the newly recorded material is first class, and the stuff from the 1994 demo is up to par as well. I just hope we can hear more from this brilliant band in the not too distant future.