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Belated, But Still Good - 82%

Monstro_City, September 4th, 2004

I feel this one to be one of the most unique Death bands I've ever heard. Luciferion has a little too late released their second full length album. The new segment of the album equals a half an hour of very good musicianship. This is followed by a Celtic Frost cover, that is so bad that it must have been done very early in their career. And bringing up the end of it all is a collection of their demos, which everyone wants to hear!

Luciferion is not given justice by being refered to simply as Death Metal. Yes, Death is the strongest influence present, but there are others. The band itself, by the looks of them would be considered Black Metal. At the same time, the band has a different instrumental element; at least for a Death Metal band. Their Keyboardist adds an erie sound to their music, sort of a tracsending, mystic contribution that makes them a lot more fun to listen to.

Their newer songs are very long and it take a while for them to get going. You normally won't hear the vocalist until a good minute into each song. Which is somewhat unfortunate because he is really good. One particular set back is that the begining of the songs are the basis for the chorus, but most of the time you won't hear the chorus again until near the end of the song. So, sadly this is not a band you can sing along with!

The Guitar riffs at some points seem rather monochromatic, which is probably why they decided to have a Keyboard counterpart. They are, however, quite fluid. Nothing special they may be, but still good. At certain points you will just be begging for a solo, and they deliver as suredly as they delivered the album - just a little too late. Of courese, I was still quite impressed, it takes a while for them to decide to even have a solo, and when they do it's quite refreshing. Luciferion does not seem to have a theme to their solos, and they sound like a lot of All-over-the-place-ness. Yet, many bands do this, and are well recieved for it.

The Percusionist definately knows what he is doing, he knows that there are many points in the album are weak. He adds doublekick to points that would be otherwise unintersting, and only enhances the viscosity. As much the same way that Dimmu Borgir was sloppy untill they hired Nicholas Barker as Drummer. Luciferion's Drummer changes his pattern many, many times but never changes the actual beat, and therefore the enjoyment of the album is not lost.

As I have said previously, the Celtic Frost cover must have been recorded very early in their career because as well as the production quality, the musicianship is just plain bad. The equalizations on my media player couldn't even fix the problem.

The rest of the demos are not as badly produced, but still deminish in quality of musicianship. None of them come even near as to being as good as the newer songs on this album. However, that is usually the case with demos. No one can appreciate them for what they are, but rather for what they could be. And apparently they could be good, especially since Luciferion has come such a long way (even though it took them seven years to do it).