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Masterpiece - 95%

retardamus, April 15th, 2018

When we talk about the Chilean scene we will always be surprised. There are enough bands to investigate and in an immense variety of metal genres, especially when we refer to heavy metal in its purest form. That's the message, there's a tendency to do "old-fashioned things" and Lucifer's Hammer is in the forefront.

"Beyond the Omens" is a must for those who enjoy the classic and underground sound of the early 80's. The melodies of this album transport you to that time, dark lyrics and quite sad, while thunderous choruses like "Shinning Blade" or "Dying" make this whole story come true in your mind, perfect mixing and a good post production, including a wonderful cover that presents the meaning of the album without doubts. The voices of Hades in this are precise, although I feel that sometimes lacked a bit of strength, especially in the highest notes. However, the band and production reinforces everything with a perfect execution of all the instruments. Another thing to mention is that "twin guitars" are quite used, a very important resource in the environment that is intended to be reflected through music. Both guitarists have an equal participation in being main and rhythmic, as in the early age of Iron Maiden.

It's one of those albums that you can not stop hearing, it's not boring, it has a catchy conceptuality that you grasp from the beginning and do not want to let go any more. Something that I really like about the album is the duration. I think there are no leftover songs, it has the perfect amount and the time is very well taken advantage of. This provokes a cordial invitation to hear it again and to marvel.

Honestly, if yours is the heavy metal of the early 80's and you are a fan of the NWOBHM and that characteristic force of the time, you will be surprised with this band and their work. You will think that you have traveled in time, beyond the omens.