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Incredibly catchy and rather beautiful - 95%

EpicaNightfall, February 23rd, 2007

First of this is not power metal. It is closer to the lighter end of symphonic metal, very close to the Dutch scene in sound and certainly not as dark and involving as the Scandinavian gothic metal scene. It’s quite slow but not depressing; it walks a line between uplifting and slightly melancholy, whilst always being shamelessly melodramatic and romantic. The influence of Luca’s favourite band, Nightwish, is very clear.

The album’s highlight are the extremely strong and charismatic female vocals singing many of the most powerful vocal lines and catchy chorus I have ever heard. Almost every song on this album reverberates in the head after the first listen. Luca’s Keyboards are also excellent, with atmospheric electronica inspired parts and extremely epic classical inspired melodies. The inclusion of Eastern melodies and vocals in songs such as Kyoto’s Romance and Lost Horizons are fantastically beautiful.

The weakness in this otherwise perfect album is the weak metal side; though the solos are perfectly good (they are not as frequent as Luca’s other work) there are no guitar riffs of any real note. The rhythm section is competent but hardly special. These flaws are largely forgotten in the splendour of the keyboards and vocals but they keep the album from being just about perfect.

A must have for any fan of female fronted symphonic metal, especially After Forever and Nightwish. If you are into Luca’s other projects for the speed and virtuosity, steer well away.