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Not a Bad Demo, but Suffers from Demo Syndrome - 68%

PowerProg_Adam, April 8th, 2003

I have been lucky to see these guys live at a local metal festival in Southern Illinois. Amongst all the hardcore type bands, Low Twelve was one of the few that really stuck out. To me the songs sound similar to Crowbar only alot better structured. They have quite a few time changes per song. Each member is extremely talented in terms of instruments.
One track that really stands out on this demo is Heavycore. Its completely brutal and is just a really great headbanging song. The breakdown of the bass parts send chills. Starting off with a very slow riff and picking up with short interludes from each member. I was lucky to catch the cd at their show. If you are a fan of Crowbar type metal, then by all means try to get this. I'm not a huge Crowbar fan though, and I still like some these songs. However, it seems to lack any replay value, mainly because of the horrible production and the fact that the singer sounds like a pig at times. Of course, most demos don't have suitable production to make them great. This is relatively fun to listen to, but don't beat yourself up over not hearing it, you could probably find other bands that are similar very easily, just look for anyone Crowbar inspired.